September 28, 2013

A rather big award!

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!On Friday night I was awarded with the overall Net Visionary award by the Irish Internet Association. I’m still in a state of shock. Conn shot the entire thing. And yes, the award itself is damn big! Related Posts:Social Media [...]

September 26, 2013

Using Vbulletin’s Impex Import System With Newer Versions of MySQL

If you are moving a forum to Vbulletin or, like me, need to move an existing Vbulletin install around, then you might end up using Vbulletin’s “impex”. Impex is an import system that allows you to import users, posts etc., from a very large number of bulletin board and forum software into Vbulletin. To save [...]

September 22, 2013

Very cool marketing!

Marketing material from domain types can be incredibly boring, but the guys from DotZon did this, which is wonderful ! Related Posts:Marketing On A ShoeStringKantar Media Spamming Social Media Award NomineesAdwords FailPushy Salespeople SuckGet Your Head Out Of The Cloud

September 14, 2013

The Sage food philosophy

Sage Restaurant 12 mile philosophy

Sage Restaurant is just off the main street in Midleton. Yesterday I was lucky enough to have lunch there and I have to say it was simply fantastic. But what’s more interesting about the restaurant isn’t just the quality of the food. It’s their food philosophy. They source most of their ingredients within a 12 [...]

September 10, 2013

Pasta, kale & anchovies with chilli & garlic plus lemon juice

I’ve been cooking with kale quite a bit over the last couple of weeks. Kale is incredibly healthy, but is probably best described as “an acquired taste”. Personally I really like it, though I know a lot of people don’t. The below shot is of pasta, kale & anchovies with chilli & garlic plus lemon [...]

September 8, 2013

AIB Take Logic To New Low

Both my personal and business credit cards are with AIB. From time to time credit card services need to contact me. Unfortunately a lot of the calls I get from them and other parts of the bank come from a blocked number ie. I cannot see who is calling me when I answer the call [...]

September 4, 2013

Steak with kale, chilli & garlic

I picked up a few herbs and spices on my most recent trip to the US, so I used some of the seasoning when grilling the steak. Keeping things relatively healthy and simple I served the steak with some kale done with garlic and chilli. The end result was fantastic. Related Posts:Pasta, kale & anchovies [...]

September 3, 2013

Simple Yet Effective Choice of Words

Facebook advertiser survey thank you screen

We advertise a bit on Facebook. We don’t spend massive amount of money on it, so I was interested to get a survey from them on our experiences with their advertising platform. But what really captured my attention was the simple, yet very effective, choice of wording on the “thank you” screen when I completed [...]

September 3, 2013

More Online vs Offline Pricing Craziness

Save with Jamie priced on Amazon UK

This evening I went shopping in my local Dunnes Stores. As is common in most supermarkets there’s a section of the shop where they sell books, DVDs and other items, and I often browse the shelves to see if there are any bargains to be found. This evening one of the books that caught my [...]

August 30, 2013

Anna Kendrick Cups (Extended Version)

I have to admit I really like Anna Kendrick’s video for “Cups” – this version is a bit longer: Enjoy! Related Posts:No Related Posts