Thatcher Lives On .. In Madrid

Streets, squares and other public venues get named after famous people and events all the time. But it’s a bit odd to discover that there’s a square in the centre of Madrid bearing the name of Margaret Thatcher. It’s bizarre, but it’s true: Apparently the square was named after Thatcher last year. I’ve no idea […]

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Voting No #MarRef

Friday May 22nd 2015 Ireland goes to the polls. I’ve posted about the referendum a couple of times in the past few weeks, both on a personal blog and on the company blog. My position on this referendum is 100% clear. This video from the “yes” campaign sums up the feelings of a lot of […]

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Jet Lag Visualised

When you travel across multiple timezones your body is unhappy. You end up suffering from “jet lag”. Essentially this is because your body hasn’t had a chance to adjust to the new rhythm of the new timezone. So when you from Ireland to Seattle, for example, you end up 8 hours out of sync. Sure, […]

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Dumping Feedburner

I’ve finally dumped Feedburner. If you’re subscribed to this site’s RSS feed you should *hopefully* be reading it via Feed.press I’ll post more about why I switched over to Feedpress, but suffice to say that Feedburner is probably going to be killed off by Google at some point and I’d prefer not to be “stranded” […]

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Pyramids By Night

The pyramids. They feature in so much of popular culture. From books to films, to tv shows to popular music. One of the seven wonders of the world, I’d always been interested in seeing them so I was delighted to finally make that dream come true last week. I took a few photos, though since […]

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#MEDay Hero

Today might be St Patrick’s Day, but yesterday was “ME Day” I’ve always liked the .me domain name. It just makes sense! So yesterday afternoon I attended their “bash” across the street from the Austin Convention Centre and the Hilton in downtown Austin. The event, which was sponsored by Domain.com, was part of the #SXSW […]

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Enjoying Regional Cuisine in Jordan

Last night I had dinner with a couple of friends in one of the hotel’s restaurants. Although I’m in Jordan the restaurant was Lebanese, but it’s still in the same region (more or less). The food was excellent and most of what we had we simply shared “family style”. One of the things that really […]

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