December 22, 2013

A Bit of Schoolboy Nostalgia


If you went to school in Ireland you probably had one of these “maths set” cases at some point. I’d forgotten about them until I spotted this one for sale in a supermarket in Midleton. Of course if it isn’t scratched and punched full of holes it probably isn’t the “genuine article” I’m not sure […]

December 17, 2013

America Has Odd Laws


Depending on which state you are in you could end up breaking the law quite easily Via Related Posts:US Presidential Elections On CafePressMen vs WomenClint Eastwood Chrysler Ad Super Bowl 2012Post Election BluesPirate Bay In The News Again

December 16, 2013

Gary Vaynerchuk At Web Summit


I was only at Web Summit for one day this year – long boring story, but I was delighted to see this keynote by Gary Vaynerchuk: Via Related Posts:JabbingSocial Media Awards Tonight!A rather big award!Simple Yet Effective Choice of WordsCutting Student Grants Is Dumb

December 12, 2013

French Beer, Herbal Tea & Cured Meat


James comes over to Carlow a couple of times a year and he usually brings me over a few products that I simply cannot get in Ireland. Vanilla tea – while there are a couple of varieties available in Irish shops they’re simply not as good as the Twining’s one Adelscott beer – I’ve been […]

December 12, 2013



I’ll be reading Gary Vee’s new book over the next few days. I ordered it months ago so I’ve been looking forward to it .. Related Posts:Gary Vaynerchuk At Web SummitSponsoring Irish Internet Awards ComparedVisualising Social Via IntelBuffer App Makes Scheduling Tweets EasyMuseum Of Me Visualisation

December 9, 2013

Gender Stereotypes


This video, which is an advert for Pantene, speaks for itself. Just read the captions. Watch it again. Read them again. Related Posts:Embedding Youtube Videos With Captions Turned OnBehaving Like Cavemen Isn’t CoolAlphabet For GeeksCommon Spelling / Grammar Censoring Blog Content?

December 8, 2013

.brussels NewTLDs


It looks like the city of Brussels is doing a marketing campaign around .brussels – the new domain extension for the Belgian city: Related Posts:Life On A Plane?Big Companies Trying To Monopolise .blog, .cloud and moreThe New TLD Application List Is Out!Hilton Brussels City Still Have Stupid broadband Limits – False Advertising!Hilton Brussels City Secret […]

December 6, 2013

Working Around AIB’s Online Banking Limitations


AIB’s online banking for personal users isn’t terrible. It’s mostly usable. However if you’re trying to manage your personal finances using any of the popular desktop (or cloud) solutions on the market you can end up hitting a virtual brick wall. For some bizarre reason AIB doesn’t offer any “sane” way of exporting transaction data. […]

December 6, 2013

Pay For Your Drink With a Kiss


Milan’s bar scene is famous for its “aperitivi” ie. evening drinks. One wine bar, Wineria, is trying a slightly different tack with its marketing – pay with a kiss. Video below sort of explains it in action: Full story (in Italian) Related Posts:AIB Take Logic To New LowBypassing Delivery Restrictions With Parcel MotelPushy Salespeople SuckA […]

December 2, 2013

Not Your Ordinary Chicken


I had dinner the other evening in Rouge Tomate in Brussels. The main course was: “Coq des prés” chicken filet with seared foie gras, mustard breaded spinach, farro and a thyme and white Sancerre reduction It was incredible. A fantastic combination of flavours in a lovely setting Related Posts:French Beer, Herbal Tea & Cured MeatArty farty […]