December 6, 2013

Working Around AIB’s Online Banking Limitations

AIB’s online banking for personal users isn’t terrible. It’s mostly usable. However if you’re trying to manage your personal finances using any of the popular desktop (or cloud) solutions on the market you can end up hitting a virtual brick wall. For some bizarre reason AIB doesn’t offer any “sane” way of exporting transaction data. […]

December 6, 2013

Pay For Your Drink With a Kiss

Milan’s bar scene is famous for its “aperitivi” ie. evening drinks. One wine bar, Wineria, is trying a slightly different tack with its marketing – pay with a kiss. Video below sort of explains it in action: Full story (in Italian) Related Posts:AIB Take Logic To New LowBypassing Delivery Restrictions With Parcel MotelPushy Salespeople SuckA […]

December 2, 2013

Not Your Ordinary Chicken

I had dinner the other evening in Rouge Tomate in Brussels. The main course was: “Coq des prés” chicken filet with seared foie gras, mustard breaded spinach, farro and a thyme and white Sancerre reduction It was incredible. A fantastic combination of flavours in a lovely setting Related Posts:French Beer, Herbal Tea & Cured MeatArty farty […]

December 1, 2013

Setting Up A Personal Budget With YNAB

A few times over the last few years I’ve tried to setup and track my personal budget. I know I should do it, but it’s one of those things I’ve always been really bad at doing. So a couple of days ago I decided to fix this situation once and for all. I’d already tried […]

November 27, 2013

Campbells Retro packaging

I’m not sure what Campbell’s are up to, but you can currently get some of their products in very retro style packaging. Spotted at my local Dunnes Stores. Related Posts:What A Difference A Small Tweak Can MakeOur New Data Centre Opens MondayWorking Around AIB’s Online Banking LimitationsSchipol Airport Bar Cliched DecorsFresh anchovies from Ballycotton Seafood […]

November 22, 2013


Seeing a Botero “in the flesh” is always better than just looking at a photo of one .. Related Posts:No More Luggage Checkin?

October 18, 2013

Geneva – Le jet d’eau

Le jet d’eau  fountain in the centre of Geneva: Related Posts:Istanbul Colours and FlavoursI Love Serbian PricingCarlow’s DolmenTongue in cheek marketingIn Vegas For NamesCon

October 6, 2013

Schipol Airport Bar Cliched Decors

James and I spent a couple of hours in one of the airport bars at Schipol on the way back from Wordcamp The decors wasn’t exactly “inspired” Related Posts:What A Difference A Small Tweak Can MakeOur New Data Centre Opens MondayWorking Around AIB’s Online Banking LimitationsCampbells Retro packagingFresh anchovies from Ballycotton Seafood in Midleton

October 5, 2013

WordCamp Europe Day 1

James and I are in Leiden this weekend for WordCamp Europe. Since James has been taking lots and lots of photos he’ll hopefully post something on the company blog The variety and quality of the sessions so far has been excellent and it’s been really enjoyable so far. Highlight of the day so far – […]

September 29, 2013

Fresh anchovies from Ballycotton Seafood in Midleton

I love cooking and being able to cook with good quality fresh ingredients makes the entire experience even better. Unfortunately a lot of good quality ingredients are harder to find if you don’t live in a major urban centre. However Ireland is packed with quality food producers, so you can find excellent sources in the […]