Vint Cerf IPv6 poster

IPv6 In Ireland 2015 Edition

I’ve been running IPv6 via a Sixxs tunnel at home for several years. When I first set it up I was using an old LinkSys with alternative firmware. It worked, but it had a tendency to break randomly. After a couple of years I got a FritzBox! which “just works”. Over the years the number […]

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Signage at Vegas airport

Jetlagged In Vegas

I spent all day yesterday travelling. The flights and everything else were fine, but by about 9 PM local time last night I was completely confused. It was 9pm in Vegas, but 5am in Ireland! So sitting down for a relatively light dinner around the time that some people might be thinking about getting up […]

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Wifi Printing Brings A Bit Of Sanity

For several years I had a HP laserjet printer. It was functional. It printed stuff when I needed it, but, unfortunately, whatever drivers it needed did not “play nice” with my Mac and eventually I had to retire it. I mentioned my printer dilemma to a friend a couple of months ago and he suggested a […]

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A Bit Of Nostalgia

Years ago I used to have a silver zippo lighter. It wasn’t actual silver, but some kind of bright metal. I’ve no idea what. I had it for years. The hinge broke at one point and somebody fixed it for me, as sending it back to Zippo for repairs wasn’t something that entered our minds […]

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A Quiet Family Christmas

Christmas is one of the few times of the year when a lot of us wind down and disconnect (more or less). It’s a time for seeing family and friends and overindulging.. This year wasn’t any different and I’m delighted to say I’ve barely left the house for the last few days. Christmas dinner was […]

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The White House is the most famous house in the US. You can get pretty close to it from this side

Washington DC In December

For the past couple of years I’ve made a point of taking a few days off in November or December. It’s an odd time of the year, but it works well for me. This year I’m in Washington DC and while it’s pretty cold out there, it’s not freezing, so I can move around quite […]

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Roman Remains In Plovdiv Bulgaria

I was in Bulgaria for an event over the last few days. As usual the event was held in Sofia, but this time round our host organised a day trip to the city of Plovdiv. The city is built on the remains of its past, which includes both a relatively well preserved Roman theatre and […]

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