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Beardyman SuperMarket

I don’t watch The Late Late that often, but I’m glad I watched it last night. Beardyman is truly incredible. Beardyman is an amazing beatboxer, so if you like music you will love him! Here’s a video of him doing his thing in a supermarket: Related Posts:Reliving the 90s In GermanyMoby With Heather GrahamMuppets Revive […]

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Muppets Revive Queen?

I’m not sure if the Muppets’ version of Bohemian Rhapsody would win any awards, but it is damn funny: More Muppet madness over on their YouTube channel Related Posts:A Different Take On Classical Music Perchance?Reliving the 90s In GermanyMoby With Heather GrahamBeardyman SuperMarketGoogle’s Answer To Privacy

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Google’s Answer To Privacy

The following video is absolutely hilarious. However, there is, unfortunately, an underlying issue, which the video manages to highlight. Nice to see parody is still alive and well in 2009! Google Opt Out Feature Lets Users Protect Privacy By Moving To Remote Village Related Posts:Google+ Summed UpThe Irony Of EducationYet Another Funny TshirtClients Can Be […]

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Clients Can Be Weird About Payments

Whether there’s an “economic downturn” or not you’ll always find people who simply don’t “get” the concept of paying for stuff. I mentioned this issue on Twitter earlier today and a couple of people sent me links to these absolutely hilarious videos. Apologies if the display is a bit odd – width may be a […]

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Honest Advertising

I don’t watch a lot of television partially because I hate the interruptions of adverts breaks. Now if the ads on TV were anything like this I probably would start watching a lot more TV: Related Posts:SalesOnline.ie – Worst HTML Coding Of The WeekClint Eastwood Chrysler Ad Super Bowl 2012Apple Christmas AdProvocative AdvertisingCreme Egg Madness

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Creme Egg Madness

This must have taken hours to prepare.. Very cool – though a terrible waste of a creme egg Thanks to Phil for mentioning it on Twitter Related Posts:Google’s Answer To PrivacyClients Can Be Weird About PaymentsGoogle+ Summed UpWhat Startups Need To RealiseThe Irony Of Education

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BBC iPlayer Now Available For Mac (and Linux!)

BBC’s iPlayer labs have recently released a new version of their software that will work on both Mac and Linux. Pity that other media companies, such as Sky, haven’t followed suit yet. Not everyone uses PCs Microsoft Windows!! (via) UPDATE: Since everyone has rightly pointed out, the usage of the word PCs in my original […]

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Latest Iron Man Shocking News!

If you’ve seen the trailer for Iron Man this should interest you: Wildly Popular ‘Iron Man’ Trailer To Be Adapted Into Full-Length Film Related Posts:The Irony Of EducationGoogle’s Answer To PrivacyHotshots – Tacky Parody At Its Best!Get A Ringside View at the OscarsDealing With Cold Callers

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