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May 27, 2008

Todaynic – The Spamming Registrar – Wants Me To Change My Post

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I have little or no patience for spammers, as most people know.

Since I run several sites that deal with domains and the internet industry in general I seem to have been targetted by TodayNic's comment and forum spammers. Over the past year or so I've had to remove multiple spam comment attacks from several sites.

It's annoying. Very annoying.

However it's even more annoying when they have the gall to demand that I remove a post I made last year about their spam.

Considering they're still spamming from what I've seen in the last few weeks I can think of no good reason to remove any posts where I've referred to Todaynic's spam.

Someone claiming to be "Chris" from Todaynic left  a comment on another one of my blogs at around 3am this morning.

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May 15, 2008

How Not To Get A Favourable Mention On A Blog

Anyone who randomly sends forwards me .doc press releases without even making an effort to personalise the email stands zero chance of getting a favourable mention from me ever.

It's not terribly hard to use some mailing software to send out press releases.

Why do people presume that everyone uses Word?

How hard would it be to actually address an email to me personally? Is that too much of a challenge?

It's not terribly hard to send email - thousands of spammers manage it, don't they?

So why on earth can't someone send a press release properly?

And since Donncha has already "named and shamed", I will too.

Ifoods.tv - you really need to get a clue.

It's not a matter of web2.0 vs web 1.0 or anything like that. It's simply a matter of using, as we say in Cork, a bit of "cop on".

You may have been nominated for an award, but it obviously wasn't in marketing or email usage based on the rubbish you sent me today and the way you sent it.

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May 13, 2008

More Dumb Irish Spammers – itext.ie

Don't you just love dumb spammers?

itext.ie seem to fit neatly into that group.

Their bulk unsolicited email this afternoon checks all the boxes for spam of the worst kind.

  • spammy subject line - check
  • html email with bad use of colour - check
  • zero personalisation - check
  • no unsubscribe options - check
  • no explanation of why email sent - check
  • non-compliance with EU directives on email - check

Yes, itext.ie are real geniuses

The email looks like a viagra spam or similar to be honest, so I wonder how successful it will be

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April 9, 2008

Minor Change To Comments Policy

In order to preserve what little sanity I have left I've changed the way comments are handled on here slightly.

Since comment and trackback spammers seem to target old posts I've decided to automatically close comments on posts that are 6 months old or older.

The old posts that were attracting the odd comment were mainly to do with older versions of Ubuntu etc., so there's not much point in accepting new comments since the software has changed in the last couple of years.

The other reason why I'm doing this is because I made a boo boo the other day and turned up the spam checking a little too high. This meant that I may have blocked several legitimate comments and had to spend a couple of hours trawling through about 20k+ worth of spam comments to rescue them.

I'll update the comment policy of the site shortly to reflect the new "regime"

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February 27, 2008

Days Hotel Kilkenny Think Spamming Is Fine

I've never been in Days Hotel in Kilkenny.

None of my staff have ever stayed there on business.

We have no existing business relationship with them whatsoever, yet they have the gall to spam us this morning.

Not only is their email unwanted, but the 3 unwanted attachments bloat the email by a further megabyte.

Why oh why do Irish business not get the idea of permission?

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December 12, 2007

Golden Spammers – Fined For Spamming

In the runup to the Golden Spiders earlier this year I noticed several complaints about their mailing lists.

Both Peter and Mary Rose complained of having issues getting off the list despite several attempts.

Now it transpires that Mary Rose has not only reported the issue to the data privacy commissioner, but that the commissioner has ruled in her favour and Golden Spiders / Business and Finance will be forced to pay €500 to the charity of her choice.


If only more people took the time to report abusive emailings like this maybe Irish business would learn how to use email properly

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October 2, 2007

Monster Spammer Tries To Remove Evidence

The Monster employee who spammed a large number of Irish companies yesterday is now attempting to remove evidence of his crime.

I've just received a "recall" email from him.

Of course "recall" emails only work on Microsoft Exchange and even then have limitations. We don't use Exchange, so he can send recalls all day and all night. It won't make any difference

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October 2, 2007

Tuesday Morning Quickie

Sorry about the post title :)

Pete's being spammed by Golden Spiders. He's been trying to get off their mailing list, but they're not having any of it.

Eircom's wireless DSL routers are insecure. I posted a link to my delicio.us account a few days ago that I got from someone and now the story's been picked up by just about everyone.... There's a lot of discussion over on the IIU list and the story's been picked up by most of the papers. Eircom of course are promising to warn all their clients of the potential issues

Joost seem to have launched today (or was it last night?)

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October 1, 2007

Monster’s Irish Office Think Spamming Is Acceptable

Earlier today I posted about three Irish spams I'd received in the morning. I didn't go into any detail, as I was busy with other things and also wanted to see how Monster would handle the situation.

The email that they sent to several hundred people included a lot of email addresses that I recognised for one reason or another. Hardly surprising as all the businesses in question belong to IT@Cork.

The email carries the "imaginative" subject line - "For the attention of your HR department!!", which is never a good sign. Of course it's even worse when you consider we actually have a page on our site dedicated to careers etc., Of course it doesn't say "please send HR spam here", so maybe it wasn't obvious enough ... Who knows?

The email itself is really pathetic:

Good Morning,
Firstly, I would like to clarify that we are not a recruitment agency.
I have just come across your company information and I wanted to introduce my self to you.  My name is John Burns and I am the business development manager for Monster in Ireland North and South.
Monster is the biggest online recruitment website in the World and we have a large portfolio of solutions to make your recruitment more cost affective, quicker, and easier to manage.
Click here to see our portfolio of solutions
Are you tired of waiting on the right candidates to respond to your advertisements? If so our unique Monster CV Database may be just what you are looking for.  Our Database gives you the freedom to search for your ideal candidates and download their CV or contact details immediately.  With over 250,000 CV’s in our Irish Database and an average of 6,600 new CV’s added every month your chances of finding the “right candidates” is exceptionally high.
In addition to our CV Database we have Job postings where you can post your vacancies on Monster and start receiving top candidates almost immediately, again with our average daily job views of 29,000 your vacancy is sure to be noticed and replied to.
I would love to make an appointment with you where I can take you through our website and show you all the different features and functions that are on offer and I can leave you with a day’s trial of our CV Database where you can try it out for your self and you never now, you may find a candidate or two that could be potential employees!
I look forward to hearing from you soon.
PS: Please accept my apologies if you recieved this Email in error.
Kind Regards,
John Burns
Business Development Manager
15d Gilford Road
Dublin 4
Tel:      +353 (0)1 xxxxxxxxxxxx
Fax:     +353 (0)1 xxxxxxxxx
Mobile: +353 (86)  xxxxxxxxxxx
Monthly visits average 350,000 in 2007
Over 6,700 new CVs added to the CV Database in July 2007
Best online Recruitment & Training Website in Ireland - Golden Spider Award Winners
Monster Worldwide Limited. Registeredin Ireland with number 337700.  Registered office: Hillview House, 15D Gilford Road, Sandymount, Dublin 4
Privileged/Confidential Information may be contained in this message. If you are not the addressee indicated in this message, (or responsible for delivery of the message to such person), you may not copy or deliver this message to anyone. In such case, you should destroy this message and kindly notify the sender by reply email. Please advise immediately if you or your employer does not consent to email for messages of this kind. Opinions, conclusions and other information in this message that do not relate to the official business of the Monster Worldwide Limited shall be understood as neither given nor endorsed by it. For more information on our business ethical standards please refer to our website

Note carefully that the email is not addressed to anyone in particular.

It's a general email that has been sent en masse, or in other words it's unsolicited bulk (commercial) email.

So the apology in the PS is even odder. Why would you send a bulk email spam and then try to get out of it by apologising?
And of course he has included the standard disclaimer. The fact that he can't spell doesn't help either....
His usage of capitalisation and general writing style is worryingly bad...

So what to do?

Well the obvious thing would be to contact the person who sent it, so I did. I rang him this afternoon. He didn't want to hear about my complaints and was totally unrepentant. Seemingly scraping addresses from websites and using them for marketing purposes (ie. spamming) is perfectly acceptable for Monster's staff.

That's a serious issue for any company. It's even more serious when you consider the issues they've had recently with security.

In the first instance this is unsolicited. I don't want it. My staff don't want it.
It was sent to a business email address, so unless they keep abusing our email addresses I can't do much about it legally. Under current Irish legislation they can get away with sending the first spam, but once you tell them to stop they have to. If they don't stop they're breaking the law.

However there are other things that I can do.

First off I can submit the offending email to several DNS blacklists (they're used by mail admins to block unwanted mails from entering their systems). Any other IT@Cork members who got hit by this junk need to submit the mail to spamcop et al as soon as possible (it has to be reported within 48 hours)

I could also instruct our technical staff to block all mail emanating from Monster from reaching any domains on our network, as we are perfectly entitled to block abuse of our network and email abuse is abuse whether Monster are willing to accept or not. I don't want to take that measure as yet, but it's an option I am considering.

Online recruitment is a highly competitive, but obviously lucrative, market. Can Monster afford to spam?

Maybe they need to get a hard lesson in the effects of having their smtp blocked by a major blacklist.

I've always considered spammers to be lazy, but I never thought I'd see a big company like Monster stooping this low.

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October 1, 2007

Irish Companies Don’t Get Email Marketing vs Spam

Today is fast becoming "spam Monday"

So far this morning I have received unsolicited bulk email from three Irish companies:

  • Fota Island resort
  • Monster's Irish office
  • Golden Spiders

Are these people aware of the amount of damage they are doing their companies by using this kind of marketing methodology?

The Monster email was particularly bad, as the person who sent it obviously doesn't know how to send mass email properly and included all the recipients in the CC field

I'm submitting the lot to Spamcop and any other blacklist I can think of

Has anyone else been getting this junk today?

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