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More Dumb Irish Spammers – itext.ie

Don’t you just love dumb spammers? itext.ie seem to fit neatly into that group. Their bulk unsolicited email this afternoon checks all the boxes for spam of the worst kind. spammy subject line – check html email with bad use of colour – check zero personalisation – check no unsubscribe options – check no explanation […]

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Minor Change To Comments Policy

In order to preserve what little sanity I have left I’ve changed the way comments are handled on here slightly. Since comment and trackback spammers seem to target old posts I’ve decided to automatically close comments on posts that are 6 months old or older. The old posts that were attracting the odd comment were […]

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Days Hotel Kilkenny Think Spamming Is Fine

I’ve never been in Days Hotel in Kilkenny. None of my staff have ever stayed there on business. We have no existing business relationship with them whatsoever, yet they have the gall to spam us this morning. Not only is their email unwanted, but the 3 unwanted attachments bloat the email by a further megabyte. […]

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Golden Spammers – Fined For Spamming

In the runup to the Golden Spiders earlier this year I noticed several complaints about their mailing lists. Both Peter and Mary Rose complained of having issues getting off the list despite several attempts. Now it transpires that Mary Rose has not only reported the issue to the data privacy commissioner, but that the commissioner […]

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Monster Spammer Tries To Remove Evidence

The Monster employee who spammed a large number of Irish companies yesterday is now attempting to remove evidence of his crime. I’ve just received a “recall” email from him. Of course “recall” emails only work on Microsoft Exchange and even then have limitations. We don’t use Exchange, so he can send recalls all day and […]

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Tuesday Morning Quickie

Sorry about the post title 🙂 Pete’s being spammed by Golden Spiders. He’s been trying to get off their mailing list, but they’re not having any of it. Eircom’s wireless DSL routers are insecure. I posted a link to my delicio.us account a few days ago that I got from someone and now the story’s […]

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Irish Companies Don’t Get Email Marketing vs Spam

Today is fast becoming “spam Monday” So far this morning I have received unsolicited bulk email from three Irish companies: Fota Island resort Monster’s Irish office Golden Spiders Are these people aware of the amount of damage they are doing their companies by using this kind of marketing methodology? The Monster email was particularly bad, […]

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