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Traffic Levels Returning After A Fix

It’s been a week since I fixed the issue on a site that had been infected by some malware. As I mentioned in my previous post, the malware was stealing the site’s search engine traffic. And the graphs show very clearly how things have improved in only a few days: And if you look at […]

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Movable Type To WordPress Permalink Oddness

For some bizarre reason the WordPress importer changes the post names from “thing-other-thing” to “thing_other_thing” ie. replacing the dash with an underscore. The simplest way to fix it is to run a bit of SQL directly on the database: update wp_posts set post_name = replace(post_name,’_’,’-‘); Thanks to the person who provided the solution here Related […]

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Blekko And ScoutJet Revealed

A post on Mashable earlier this evening revealed the launch of a new search engine – Blekko. I’ve no idea how well Blekko will do, but its method of displaying results is quite novel: But forget the display of the results for a moment. Let’s have a quick look at how you search. In Google […]

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Google Rapid Inclusion Tool?

Image via Wikipedia Getting your site listed in Google is one thing, getting traffic to your site is another. What’s the difference? Well basically Google pretty much lists every single webpage on the planet, so getting listed or included isn’t really that big a deal. What you really want is people to go to your […]

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