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Dumping Feedburner

I’ve finally dumped Feedburner. If you’re subscribed to this site’s RSS feed you should *hopefully* be reading it via Feed.press I’ll post more about why I switched over to Feedpress, but suffice to say that Feedburner is probably going to be killed off by Google at some point and I’d prefer not to be “stranded” […]

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Where Do People React To Blog Posts?

Once upon a time and it wasn’t really that long ago, you would post a blog entry and people would either comment on it directly, or they’d write their own post and link to you. In 2011 with people cross-posting their RSS to multiple targets such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn (and a load of […]

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Playing With Lifestreams and SweetCron

A few months ago Stewart mentioned Sweetcron as a “lifestream” solution (You can see his here). A “lifestream” basically acts as an aggregator of all your online activities, as many of the online services that people use, such as Twitter, Flickr etc., publish your activity via RSS. I’d already been experimenting with Movable Type’s Motion, […]

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RSS Feed Tweaks (Again!)

I’ve made another couple of minor changes to the RSS feed from this site, so any feedback would be appreciated. What’s changed? I’ve added a daily delicious bookmarks thing as well as my Flickr feed. If you think these shouldn’t be there let me know and I’ll remove them Related Posts:Google Feedburner – Broken Integration?Play […]

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TechnicalJobs.ie Now Live

As part of my efforts to actually get sites online TechnicalJobs.ie is now up and running. What is it? It’s a very simple job board which allows people and companies to post their job vacancies for free. If you want you can subscribe to the site in an RSS reader OR put the latest jobs […]

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Pet Hates – Newsletter Popups on Blogs

While I can understand that bloggers want to encourage people to subscribe to their RSS feed OR email newsletter, do they have to annoy us with popups? A lot of bloggers seem to have adopted a really annoying popup system that loads EVERY single time you visit their blog. Every time. Haven’t they heard of […]

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RSS Working Again

I really should not be allowed operate electronic equipment at the weekend! I discovered a short time ago that I had managed to remove my RSS feed entirely! Now that takes some doing. I’m almost impressed with myself… It’s back again now, but I really do need to put aside some time to work out […]

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