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Overdosing on online shopping reviews

Online Reviews And Shopping

Shopping online can become a bit of a nightmare if you get too involved in the online reviews: Sums it up pretty well! Thanks XKCD Related Posts:HeartbleedBypassing Delivery Restrictions With Parcel MotelRoberts Stream 83i – Quick ReviewTweetdeck On iPhone Update RocksMore Swine Flu Fun Via XKCD

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Tweetdeck On iPhone Update Rocks

Image via CrunchBase I’ve been trying out a number of different Twitter clients on the iPhone over the last few months. I currently have three or four clients installed, but I keep coming back to Tweetdeck. In many respects it’s because I like uniformity. I like being able to use the same software on my […]

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Andy McNab’s Brute Force

I’d read a couple of Andy McNab’s earlier books and found them to be reasonable reads, so when Brute Force appeared on a list I grabbed a copy. I’m not convinced that it was a wise move. The story follows one of McNab’s characters – Nick Stone. Stone used to be in the UK special […]

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Nokia e71 Initial Impressions

As I mentioned the other day, Three have given me a nice new Nokia E71 to replace the N96. I’ve only had the phone for a few days, but so far I am very very impressed. First off there is the build quality. The N96 felt like it was cheap and nasty, while the E71 […]

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Godin Gets To The Point

I’ve been a fan of Seth Godin’s writings for quite some time, so I was delighted when my copy of The Big Red Fez arrived a couple of days ago. In common with some of Godin’s other books, The Big Red Fez is not a hefty volume with tiny print. It’s just over 100 pages […]

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Andalus – Moors and Contemporary Spain

Image via Wikipedia If you’ve spent any length of time in Spain you cannot escape the Moorish influence. While the more obvious traces can be found in Andalucia, with Granada’s Alhambra, the influences on both culture and language run a lot deeper. Jason Webster’s book Andalus attempts to explore the legacy of the Moorish conquest […]

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