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Google’s Answer To Privacy

The following video is absolutely hilarious. However, there is, unfortunately, an underlying issue, which the video manages to highlight. Nice to see parody is still alive and well in 2009! Google Opt Out Feature Lets Users Protect Privacy By Moving To Remote Village Related Posts:Google+ Summed UpThe Irony Of EducationYet Another Funny TshirtClients Can Be […]

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Music Labels vs ISPs

I finally posted the letter we received from the music labels’ solicitors over on the company blog. I had been meaning to do so for a few days, but I was waiting to see if the ISPAI membership could agree on a response. Related Posts:Irish Police Want Access To Browser DataEamon Ryan – What purpose […]

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Irish Police Want Access To Browser Data

It’s 2008. Ireland is supposedly a democracy, yet the Gardai (Irish police force) are now demanding that ISPs provide them with live access to  browser data. Say goodbye to your privacy! The story was covered in The Irish Times today Basically the Gardai are asking ISPs to give them a live link into their networks […]

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Irish Media Confuses Terminology Again

The Irish media must have been really bored this morning or just looking for a big headline. I guess its all an anticlimax now that Bertie Ahern is gone and thew new cabinet are in place. According to RTE there was a “security breach”, while Morning Ireland used the term “hacker”. What were they talking […]

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Golden Spammers – Fined For Spamming

In the runup to the Golden Spiders earlier this year I noticed several complaints about their mailing lists. Both Peter and Mary Rose complained of having issues getting off the list despite several attempts. Now it transpires that Mary Rose has not only reported the issue to the data privacy commissioner, but that the commissioner […]

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