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SEO Tweaks For JobberBase

Paul from Blackdog was chatting to me earlier today about Jobberbase, so I naturally asked him if he’d managed to hack around its rather annoying “200 status” issue on “pages not found” ie. ones that should return a HTTP response of “404”. I’ve been using the software for the last few months on two free […]

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Pidgin 2.5.5

I hadn’t had any issues with either Pidgin or Adium since the minor issue back in January. However, as of yesterday, ICQ was refusing to work on Pidgin. Seemingly there was a new release of Pidgin (2.5.5), however Ubuntu hadn’t released a packaged version. Since Pidgin is open source and they release the source files […]

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Ubuntu Countdown

It looks like the next release of Ubuntu will be hitting a mirror near you in a few days. According to the main Ubuntu site the next stable release will come out of beta in a mere 12 days. So what kind of new features will it bring? What is likely to break? (something nearly […]

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