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Rediscovering My IRiver

I’ve had an iRiver H340 for a few years. I think I picked mine up a few months before iRiver stopped making them. I used it on and off for a couple of years, but for the last year or more it’s been gathering dust. I used to watch films when travelling so I didn’t […]

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iTunes Weirdness

One of the reasons I love using Apple products is because they’re incredibly simple and easy to use. I don’t need to worry about what’s going on under the hood – I just click and it works. Of course the downside to Apple products is that when they don’t work you’re left scratching your head. […]

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Netflix Ireland Revisited

I posted about my initial impressions of Netflix back in January. It’s now nearly May and I’m still happily paying a monthly subscription. Why? Well it comes down to economics and a couple of other things. Even if you don’t circumvent the content limits on an Irish Netflix account there is quite a bit of […]

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My disk usage on my home desktop

I Might Have Too Much Music!

I listen to music on my desktop machines pretty much all the time. While I have bought a few tracks via iTunes I’m still buying physical CDs. Recently I’ve been using Spotify quite a bit, but I still like being able to listen to the music that I have in my own collection. My desktop […]

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Netflix Ireland Might Be A Bit Overhyped

Netflix went live in Ireland on Sunday night and, naturally enough, I signed up for the free month trial. After playing around with the service for a couple of hours I’ve got very mixed feelings about it. The technology is fantastic, though not perfect, but the range of content available isn’t exactly stellar. Signing up […]

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Technology.ie Podcast Is Go

Conn and I have been trying to get a podcast series off the ground for the last while, but between one thing and another there’s been loads of delays.. However we finally did manage to get something up and running earlier today – warts and all All feedback welcome (over there!) Related Posts:Configuring Icecast Streaming […]

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