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Clever Marketing Doesn’t Have To Cost A Bomb

Every single day I get stupid, badly worded emails from people asking me to swap links with them. They’re usually badly worded and totally irrelevant to the site they’re targetting (I’ve got more than a few .. ) However other companies do things that are probably marginally more expensive than sending an untargeted email but […]

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Off To Dakar In The Morning

Tomorrow I’ll be travelling .. The ICANN “circus” is moving to Dakar, Senegal for the public meeting so I’ll be joining several hundred internet policy geeks … Unfortunately Vodafone don’t have a proper roaming agreement in Dakar, so I probably won’t have a phone for the week! 🙁 Related Posts:Registering Premium .Irish Domains Is Now […]

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IEDR PDP Comments

I submitted a comment to the IEDR’s PDP comment thing earlier today. In the interests of transparency here it is in its entirety. Thank you for offering us the opportunity to submit comments on the policy development process We are a significantly affected party with respect to any and all potential changes to IEDR policy […]

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ICANN Really Needs A Clue

I am normally not a vocal critic of ICANNLike any organisation it has its issues, but this latest thing regarding an event at ICANN’s upcoming meeting in San Francisco has really annoyed me. This is the poster that they’re using to promote an event: So it’s “ok” to use that kind of imagery? And for […]

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Arrived In Sydney!

It’s nearly 3pm here in Sydney and I’ve been on the go now since Saturday – catnapping along the way. Sydney and Australia is a whole new experience and I’m loving it. Photos and more to come, but I really need a hot shower and a change of clothes first… Related Posts:Flights Booked and Windows […]

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