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Google’s Pharmacy Faux Pas Results In Lawsuit

The US government doesn’t take to kindly to companies that facilitate advertising of illegal drugs. And by “illegal drugs” in this context I mean prescription ones. Google these days is a “good citizen” and is actively involved in a lot of DNS abuse circles including initiatives to stop the sale of prescription drugs across borders. […]

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So When Will Google Plus Have An API?

I’m usually not that much of an API fanboy, but in the case of social networks I really feel that they need one. If you’re active on several social networks then being able to share content to more than one of them at a time is kind of important and being able to do so […]

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Where Do People React To Blog Posts?

Once upon a time and it wasn’t really that long ago, you would post a blog entry and people would either comment on it directly, or they’d write their own post and link to you. In 2011 with people cross-posting their RSS to multiple targets such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn (and a load of […]

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Blekko And ScoutJet Revealed

A post on Mashable earlier this evening revealed the launch of a new search engine – Blekko. I’ve no idea how well Blekko will do, but its method of displaying results is quite novel: But forget the display of the results for a moment. Let’s have a quick look at how you search. In Google […]

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Local Knowledge Is Key

If you’re going to spend money registering domains in target countries and doing targetted pay per click campaigns you should also take the time to do some basic market research. And no, I don’t mean pure figures – I mean cultural stuff. Jonathan Brazil spotted a really silly mistake this morning: If you go to […]

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Adsense Changes?

Just noticed this morning that adsense is displaying adverts in a very different format: So it looks like some kind of hybrid between the normal text ads and the link units This was probably announced somewhere, but I haven’t had a chance to go digging and / or keeping up with all the changes in […]

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