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Saving Money On Quality Kitchenware Via eBay

Over the past few years I’ve spent more and more time in the kitchen and less and less time with the microwave. Ok, that sounds worse than it actually is 🙂 I like cooking, but I also like having nice things to cook and serve food with. Buying Le Creuset saucepans new costs a fortune, […]

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The Far Side Christmas Cards

Somebody posted an image from Gary Larson’s Far Side to Facebook earlier this morning… It was of one of the Far Side Christmas cards. I remember seeing them on sale in shops around Cork and Limerick back in the late 90s and I think I might have bought a few for friends at the time. […]

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Rediscovering My IRiver

I’ve had an iRiver H340 for a few years. I think I picked mine up a few months before iRiver stopped making them. I used it on and off for a couple of years, but for the last year or more it’s been gathering dust. I used to watch films when travelling so I didn’t […]

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Tag Heuer Watch At Last

I took delivery of my Tag Heuer watch earlier today. Here’s a photo: Related Posts:Frustrations of Buying A Watch On EbaySaving Money On Quality Kitchenware Via eBayThe Far Side Christmas CardsRediscovering My IRiverMarketing Gone Wrong – The Titanic

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Ebay Shipping Calculations Gone Wild

One of the things that drives me mad is when a “cheap” item has a high shipping price.You know the scenario I’m sure. Item “costs” about 2 euro, but by the time you pay for shipping it’s suddenly 30 euro. If you’re using eBay.com from Ireland there’s an option to show the estimated shipping cost […]

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eBay Helpline Goes Live

eBay Ireland have unveiled their helpline for their “most valued customers” ie. those of us who spend lots of money. The guys in eBay had told me about this a few weeks ago, but I had been asked not to mention it in public until it was ready for primetime. It will be interesting to […]

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