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Nexus 7 Giveaway

We’re giving away a Nexus 7 to celebrate the company’s 10 years in business Full details here. Related articles Celebrate 10 Years Of Blacknight & Win A Google Nexus 7! (blacknight.com) Related Posts:Google Local Comes To Ireland#LoveSMEs Enter The SME Awards!What A Difference A Small Tweak Can MakeOur New Data Centre Opens MondayWorking Around AIB’s […]

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AIB bank charges for 1 quarter on my personal account

Bank Charges Bite

I never go into my local bank branch. I only call the bank when there’s a serious issue. Most of my interactions with the bank (for my personal account) are via their online banking. Now it seems I’m being penalised for using the bank .. This sucks So are there ANY banks in Ireland that […]

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Pushy Salespeople Suck

I’m not sure if this has got worse with the downturn or if I’m just noticing more of it, but there’s a definite increase in pushy salespeople invading my inbox and plaguing me on the phone. If your product is good and it’s a good “fit” for a sales prospect then maybe they’ll buy. Maybe […]

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Ulster Bank Fiasco And Irish Humour

Ulster Bank, which is one of the main banks in Ireland, has had a major technical issue which has led to thousands of its customers being unable to access their money, pay bills, get their wages etc., etc. It’s yet another example of why people shouldn’t trust banks – assuming that there’s anyone out there […]

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Get Your Head Out Of The Cloud

I’ve been working online in some shape or form since the mid 1990s when I was an undergraduate at the University of Limerick. Back then the internet was novel and I used it mostly to compensate for the lack of books in the university’s library (they did have lots of books – just not that […]

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How News Works

Someone posted this graphic on Facebook over the weekend and while it’s about science news it’s probably just as true about any type of news. The original is here Related Posts:#LoveSMEs Enter The SME Awards!What A Difference A Small Tweak Can MakeOur New Data Centre Opens MondayWorking Around AIB’s Online Banking LimitationsCampbells Retro packaging

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Rubbish Online Literally

I love seeing businesses embracing the web. When an offline service goes online it can make things much easier for its users. This morning I was playing catch up on the various utility statements that had arrived over the last couple of weeks and happily dumping the useless junk that had been packed into the […]

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