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October 24, 2007

A Bit of PR Can’t Hurt

I was very humbled last night when I got the latest copy of the Movable Type newsletter. SixApart’s team choose a member of the community each issue and this time it was my turn!


To say that I wasn't expecting that mention is to put it mildly!

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September 29, 2007

Podcamp In Kilkenny


Niall and I are in Kilkenny for the day at PodCampIreland.
We should have got here about 10 am, but we ran into car issues, so didn't get here until after 11!

There are several familiar faces in the room, but there's also a lot of new ones!

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September 25, 2007

WordPress Release Raises Privacy and Security Concerns

The latest release of WordPress was made public earlier today. Since I've stopped using WordPress I wasn't aware of it until I caught up with my RSS feeds a short time ago.

Whether the new release brings enhancements or new features won't really matter to anyone, as the new release brings with it a new "phone home feature":

Our new update notification lets you know when there
is a new release of WordPress or when any of the plugins you use has an
update available. It works by sending your blog URL, plugins, and
version information to our new api.wordpress.org service which then compares it to the plugin database and tells you what the latest and greatest is you can use.

Well it seems that it sends a lot more data back to WordPress than is actually necessary and the lead developer, Matt Mullenweg, doesn't seem to have a reasonable explanation for this.

There's a couple of posts about the issues this raises and a very long discussion of it on the a mailing list (worth reading!)
The key point being raised time and again is that people aren't given an option to opt-out of sending the data. It might also be seen as breaching EU privacy legislation according to one contributor.

UPDATE: You can disable the call home function via a 3rd party plugin. If you read the mailing list thread there's one or two options mentioned.

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September 24, 2007

Why I Won’t Use Expletives

I never use expletives when I write.

I can't see the point.

If you can't make your idea / opinion known / clear without having to resort to the use of expletives, then I would have to question your abilities as a writer.

Twenty Major's use of the expletive is interesting, as he does it in a particular manner. The first couple of times I read him I was offended on certain levels, but now I'm not.

However other bloggers make use of expletives when they don't need to.

Mulley, for example, has quite a good rant today about online advertising. Whether I agree with his opinion or not (I don't) I would have considered his piece to be well written except for the use of expletives. It's not as if he can't express himself without using them, so why does he?

Personally it makes no sense to me.

Don't people care about language any more?

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September 12, 2007

Top Fifty Most Influential Bloggers

Via Digg the top fifty most influential bloggers is a fascinating read. Unlike so many of those lists you see this one has been laid out clearly and explains exactly who each person is and why they may be considered important.

You'll probably recognise some of the names, but a lot of the others are probably better known by the sites they run or started.

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September 4, 2007

Comments You Shouldn’t Publish

If you are running a blog of any size you will get odd comments from time to time.

I've had several over the years that were from people who misunderstood my relationship with the subject I was writing about.

I don't work for Sky, but someone posted a comment that was obviously directed at them - not me.

The other day someone posted a comment about their son's driving test, including all their personal details. I can't publish that. It wouldn't be responsible.

If people post personal data of any kind in posts thinking that your site is somehow connected to the topic then you really shouldn't publish the comments. You may think it's amusing, but I don't think it's particularly responsible.

How would you like to send me an email to the tax office and have them publish it on their website?

Maybe people get confused. Maybe they post silly things in comments that they shouldn't, but simply publishing them is more than silly it's plain irresponsible!

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September 2, 2007

Blogroll Due Soon

Since I moved to MT I haven't had a blogroll in the sidebar. In some ways I don't really miss it, but it did have its uses.

In any case it will hopefully be reinstated over the next couple of days as part of my revamp ....

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September 2, 2007

Blogging Tips and Tricks

I've been a fan of Darren Rowse's Problogger for a long time. I may not get to read each and every post, but I do try to keep up.

Today he's got a very nice roundup of 98 tips from bloggers which is well worth a read.

On a sidenote this month's Computers In Business features an article by Adam Maguire on social networking, blogging etc., with a side-panel by yours truly :)

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August 29, 2007

Polish Law And Bloggers

Krystian is back in Poland at the moment so I can imagine he's had a chance to catch up on all the latest changes over there.

His most recent blog post, however, is really quite worrying.

According to Krystian's article any site, including blogs, that is hosted in Poland must be considered a publication and register formally.

I had to reread that a couple of times to get the full meaning.

Under Irish law you can be held responsible for what you write and publish, but nobody is going to demand that you formally register.

I can see it now, Twenty Major being granted a rating by the censor's office...

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August 27, 2007

Blogging For Dummies – Check Your Comments

If you are running a high profile blog people will submit comments.

If you don't act on the comments ie. moderating them so that they get published (or marked as spam) people will get annoyed, frustrated and simply move on.

It doesn't take that much time to check comments and if you don't do it why the hell are you even pretending to run a blog? To jump on the web 2.0 fanboy wagon perchance?

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