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April 9, 2008

Minor Change To Comments Policy

In order to preserve what little sanity I have left I've changed the way comments are handled on here slightly.

Since comment and trackback spammers seem to target old posts I've decided to automatically close comments on posts that are 6 months old or older.

The old posts that were attracting the odd comment were mainly to do with older versions of Ubuntu etc., so there's not much point in accepting new comments since the software has changed in the last couple of years.

The other reason why I'm doing this is because I made a boo boo the other day and turned up the spam checking a little too high. This meant that I may have blocked several legitimate comments and had to spend a couple of hours trawling through about 20k+ worth of spam comments to rescue them.

I'll update the comment policy of the site shortly to reflect the new "regime"

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March 22, 2008

Blogger Wanted For Canadian Charity Gig

Ross from Tucows is a keen cyclist (and photographer) and is taking part in a charity cycle later this year. He's looking for a blogger to help promote the event and get them lots of coverage.

More details on his site

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March 10, 2008

Pet Hates – Wannabe Blogs

One of my pethates (I seem to have a lot!) is blogs that aren't
actually blogs. All they seem to have is the person's Twitter updates
and maybe their latest saved links.

Either blog or don't.

I don't mind if you don't post that often, but if I wanted your Twitter updates I'd just subscribe to that instead.

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February 25, 2008

Cool Tshirt of the Week

I've been looking forward to this tshirt being available for a long time. I ordered mine last night!


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February 24, 2008

Quick Sunday Post

Adrian Weckler's column this week doesn't mention facebook, but he does cover EULAs and the demise of HD DVDs. (I can't seem to find either article on the SBPost site)

Argos has opened in Carlow, so I'm going to see how bad the traffic is shortly. Hopefully the bypass will help take some of the traffic away from the town, as the commercial centres must be suffering. I'm currently in the market for DVD storage solutions and a new TV stand, so I'll be heading to a few of the shops around the town this afternoon to see what's available and at what price.

AJ has an interesting post about security. His focus is on what the search engines are indexing and highlights some common mistakes.

Tonight is the Oscars. I'd love to stay up and watch them live, but I've got to be awake for work in the morning! The Academy is offering some really cool posters again this year including one celebrating 80 years of best picture. It won't be shipping until after the ceremony (obviously)

While working on one of my quieter blogs I realised that Google Analytics wasn't installed BUT the Google Analytics web interface happily told me that it was. Moral of the story - don't trust them!

I'd love to be able to report some of the odd sales and support queries we get, but this week we've had one that I can mention:
- caller number 1 who wins the prize for odd sales query of the month wanted to know if we ran an escort service
- caller number 2 wanted to apply for a technical role and asked what a PDF was. And no - their native language was English!

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February 11, 2008

Blog Awards Shortlist

Irish Blog Awards 2007

Much to my amazement not only was this blog shortlisted for the awards under "Best Technology Blog", but the company blog was shortlisted under the "Best Business Blog" category.

Best of luck to all the nominees and maybe I'll see you on the night - if not I'm sure someone from the Blacknight crew will be in attendance....

The person who deserves all the credit, however, is Mr Mulley himself. I honestly don't know how he finds the time or the energy to get involved with so many things!

On a slight aside, Eoghan did an interesting analysis of the slightly longer list of nominees comparing page "weight". It makes for interesting reading, especially if you're in a country with not so impressive broadband coverage (ie. Ireland - in case that was too subtle!).
Of course the problem is trying to strike the balance.
Images and other multimedia can brighten up a site (or blog) quite a bit.
I've been using images in my posts here more and more over the last year or so and the company blog gets an interesting (IMHO) variety of stock photos added to most of the posts. The problem is when the extras start to detract from the user experience. Javascript maybe enabled by most people, but do you have to have THAT much scripting to render a simple page with a bit of text? Probably not...

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February 5, 2008

Quick Lunchtime RoundUp

I've got a very long todo list this week - keep an eye on the company blog for updates!

I see Stephen McCarron from Hosting365 has finally started a blog. Will he keep it up??

It seems that LetsHost don't like anyone to mention the fact that they use slow servers in the US... Mention it and they cut you off! How charming! If we cut off every single person who said "nasty" things about us we'd be out of business!!

Seemingly you need to be a Postgrad to read this site!

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January 28, 2008

Back in the Office – WordPress Without Caching is Evil

I'm back in the office this morning and trying to catch up on emails etc.,

If you've emailed me in the last week or so and haven't got a reply now you know why :)

Of course if your email didn't have a semantic subject line I probably won't find it ever - sorry!

I've also got a bit tired of clients being negatively affected by WordPress' dumb caching (or simple lack of it!) which has led to this.

All I'll say is this. When this site made it onto the frontpage of Digg the server barely flinched. If I'd been using a default install of WordPress the site would have taken out the entire server...

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January 11, 2008

Blog Award Time

The Irish Blog Awards nomination close on January 18th, while the Bloggies nominations close tonight

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December 7, 2007

Business Blogs – Where Do You Draw The Line?

What is acceptable on a business blog?

Should you mention your competitors?

Is it ok to post funny videos?

Should you keep it serious?

I read quite a few business blogs and some of them manage to strike a nice balance, however others seem to overstep the line at times. While it's nice to "hear" the author's voice, is there a limit?

Just some vague ramblings on a Friday before anyone starts asking !

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