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Movable Type To WordPress Permalink Oddness

For some bizarre reason the WordPress importer changes the post names from “thing-other-thing” to “thing_other_thing” ie. replacing the dash with an underscore. The simplest way to fix it is to run a bit of SQL directly on the database: update wp_posts set post_name = replace(post_name,’_’,’-‘); Thanks to the person who provided the solution here Related […]

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Hack Any WordPress Blogs Lately?

I feel sorry for the WordPress developers, but I feel even more sorry for their users. Over the past year WP users who have been keeping track of updates etc., have had to update and upgrade their installs so many times that it’s not funny. The way I see it WordPress users fall, broadly speaking, […]

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MovableType Developer With A Sense of Humour – WordPress For Movable Type!

Mark Carey is one of the more active MovableType plugin developers. Some of his plugin have to be simply categorised as “cool”. There’s no other word that sums them up aptly, though I’m sure you could find plenty if you tried. His latest plugin release is a stroke of genius – WordPress Interface for Movable […]

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MovableType Gets Ping!

Byrne Reese is a really cool guy who seems to come up with cool stuff on a regular basis. He’s just released a small plugin for Movable Type that will bring “pingback” to Movable Type and make the transition from WordPress that bit easier for users. Very cool! (It’s implemented here as of 5 minutes […]

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Blog Migration

If you’re seeing this entry in your browser or RSS reader you are looking at the new home for this site. There are probably a few broken things, but they’ll get fixed (I hope!) Related Posts:Captain Obvious Says Blogging Regularly Gets TrafficSite Revamp (Sort Of)Back in the Office – Wordpress Without Caching is EvilA Bit […]

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