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Controlling The Conversation

In 2011 you cannot control the conversation or dialogue with your customers. All you can hope to do is to be responsive.Forget about control.Learn to listen.Learn to respond.Control is an artifact of a bygone eraYou lost it years ago.Trying to control a conversation simply will not work and will make you look like a dinosaur. […]

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New Year In Paris

I’ll be spending the New Year in Paris this year. After it taking me two days to get out of Dublin (or the chaotic mess that was Dublin airport more precisely) I ended up rebooking my flights with a return in the New Year. I have spent the last few days wandering around Paris. I’ve […]

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No More Luggage Checkin?

Over the past couple of months I’ve ended up travelling quite a bit. I’ve been bouncing around Europe and further afield between various meetings and events. Most of the time I haven’t had issues with my bags. I’ve gone to the airport, checked in my bag (a Samsonite that I picked up a couple of […]

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Why Do Some Hotels Charge So Much For Internet Access?

I’m currently in the Intercontinental Hotel in Prague. Up until an hour ago I was staying in the Hotel Praha, also in Prague. Both hotels are 5 star. But while the Hotel Praha offers free internet access throughout the building via wifi and good speeds via ethernet in your bedroom, the Intercontinental is charging me […]

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Dropping Sweetcron

I was using Sweetcron to publish a rather boring “life stream” over on one of my other personal domains. Unfortunately the script has been pretty much abandoned by developers, so no new features or updates have been made in well over a year. It also didn’t have ANY caching options whatsoever, so it really wasn’t […]

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Random Bits and Bobs

The .co launch started a few hours ago and seems to be doing very well We finally setup our own custom URL shortener, though I’m still trying to find a TwitterFeed alternative that will allow us to use our own shortener sanely. We’re working on a bunch of different things over in Blacknight at the […]

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Axel Shipping Sale

Axel are offering stupidly low shipping rates (practically free!) for the rest of today. Worth checking out if you are as badly addicted to BluRay and DVD as I am Related Posts:Logitech Harmony One – Quick And Dirty ReviewMellow BirdsWhere To Get Cool T-shirtsLast Exit To Nowhere SaleWarner Brothers – Ecommerce Excellence

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