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AIB bank charges for 1 quarter on my personal account

Bank Charges Bite

I never go into my local bank branch. I only call the bank when there’s a serious issue. Most of my interactions with the bank (for my personal account) are via their online banking. Now it seems I’m being penalised for using the bank .. This sucks So are there ANY banks in Ireland that […]

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Pushy Salespeople Suck

I’m not sure if this has got worse with the downturn or if I’m just noticing more of it, but there’s a definite increase in pushy salespeople invading my inbox and plaguing me on the phone. If your product is good and it’s a good “fit” for a sales prospect then maybe they’ll buy. Maybe […]

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Behaving Like Cavemen Isn’t Cool

There are some very cool, interesting and intelligent women working in the technology sector. They’re as good if not better than their male counterparts at what they do. I shouldn’t even need to say that – it’s 2012 – not 1912! I was raised by my mother. She was (and still is) stubborn, opinionated, intelligent, […]

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Clever Marketing Doesn’t Have To Cost A Bomb

Every single day I get stupid, badly worded emails from people asking me to swap links with them. They’re usually badly worded and totally irrelevant to the site they’re targetting (I’ve got more than a few .. ) However other companies do things that are probably marginally more expensive than sending an untargeted email but […]

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Your Press Release Sucks

For a number of reasons I get sent quite a few press releases. Most, but not all, of them are technology related. Unfortunately a LOT of PR agencies assume that recipients of their press releases actually care. I suspect most don’t. Unless you’re a really popular brand with a zealous following (think Apple) I suspect […]

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Olympics 2012 Restrictions

I won’t be attending the Olympics in London, but I’ll probably watch at least some of it from here .. If you are attending you need to be careful about what you bring with you .. There are several documents on the official London Olympics’ site outlining what you cannot do or bring with you. […]

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Statistics showing the number of gun related deaths in various countries

Gun Death Figures

I shared an image via Facebook last night, as it caught my attention and disturbed me. Sharing the image is an action that probably means a lot more than you’d immediately think and this was reflected by the level of feedback that I got on Facebook from different people. Here’s the image, which is from […]

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Dominos Ireland advertise Paypal payments on their homepage

Dominos Ireland Misleading Customers?

I don’t know what Dominos Ireland are up to with respect to their site. It’s quite confusing and misleading. If you go to the Irish site and login you get the below front page which clearly says that Paypal is available as a payment option. It’s been like that for a couple of months: But […]

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