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Sorting Disk Usage By Size On Linux

More of a reminder for myself than anything else .. since I’ve got a terrible memory! If you want to check disk space usage from the command line you can use the “du” command. But if you want to check a large number of directories for usage and sort them so that you can see […]

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Vbulletin 4.22 – Another PHP 5.5 “Gotcha”

Following on from my issues with Zend loader.. So one of my sites, which runs VBulletin 4.22, stopped working after the upgrade at the weekend. I assumed I’d done something silly and the Apache error logs weren’t being particularly helpful: [Sat Aug 23 18:01:56.661206 2014] [authz_core:error] [pid 6523] [client] AH01630: client denied by server […]

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Ubuntu Cola and a roll

Ubuntu Grub Error

More for myself than anyone else .. While cleaning up the kernels and doing some updates on an Ubuntu machine you might get this error:  you may need to re-run your boot loader[grub] Not 100% clear to me, but the solution is pretty easy. As root or using sudo run: update-grub Problem solved! Related Posts:Ubuntu […]

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Force SSH over IPv4 or IPv6

I’ve got an IPv6 connection at home via Sixxs which works pretty well. Of course some of the time when I need to access certain machines from outside the office I’ll run into issues ie. I can get in over IPv4, but not over IPv6. Other times the IPv6 connection from wherever I happen to […]

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Updating Whois On Debian

Getting an up to date whois client on Debian is a requirement if you work in my world: wget dpkg -i whois_5.0.17_amd64.deb Problem solved .. Related articles IEDR Update WHOIS Output To Include Registration Date ( A Confession About The ICANN WHOIS Data Reminder Policy ( Related Posts:Configuring Icecast Streaming Server On DebianUbuntu Grub […]

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Linux Sysadmin Type Wanted

We’re hiring for a number of roles at the moment over in Blacknight The latest one we announced was this one for a Linux Systems Engineer Think you qualify? Then please apply Related Posts:Configuring Icecast Streaming Server On DebianPlaying With Lifestreams and SweetCronSorting Disk Usage By Size On Linux#LoveSMEs Enter The SME Awards!Our New Data […]

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