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I’ve had the domain for over a decade, since 2004 to be precise. It was, up until very recently, a rather rudimentary link directory. When I first put the site online I used to spend time and energy looking after it, along with many of the other sites I was running at the time. […]

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Dumping Feedburner

I’ve finally dumped Feedburner. If you’re subscribed to this site’s RSS feed you should *hopefully* be reading it via I’ll post more about why I switched over to Feedpress, but suffice to say that Feedburner is probably going to be killed off by Google at some point and I’d prefer not to be “stranded” […]

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Posterous Dies – Posts Imported

With Posterous being shut down – supposedly yesterday – I have imported all the posts from my Posterous account into this site. You won’t notice the posts unless you peruse the archives, but they’re there .. They also look a bit odd, but I thought it best to preserve them somehow.. even if it did […]

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Big Companies Trying To Monopolise .blog, .cloud and more

ICANN is currently evaluating a couple of thousand applications for new top level domains. Most of the applications are for new and interesting domain extensions (the bit on the right of the dot) that will provide greater consumer choice and foster competition. Unfortunately a smaller subset is from a companies that believe they have special […]

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Defining A Blog Comment Policy

One of the things I’ve always loved about blogs and blogging is the discussion and debates that go on in the comments section. While it can be a bit daunting to keep up with some blogs’ comments due to the sheer volume that isn’t an issue I normally have to deal with.. though it wouldn’t […]

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Fixing Permalinks With Mod_Rewrite

I’ve posted a couple of times about the migration from MovableType to WordPress (and all the other moves that preceded it). One of the things I discovered via the “Redirection” logs was that I was losing quite a bit of traffic due to some “anomalies” and differences between how the permalinks are currently set and […]

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