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September 19, 2011

No Pants Pants

The marketing team for Puss In Boots have come up with some pretty clever stuff. This short video is hilarious - sorry if you've already seen it, but it always brings a smile to my face:

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September 18, 2011

20 Year School Reunion

Image representing The Walt Disney Company as ...

Image via CrunchBase

Later this year my secondary school class will be meeting up for a 20 year reunion.

20 years seem to have flown by so quickly..

Next year will be the 20th anniversary of the opening of EuroDisney as well and previous employees are organising to meetup there. I've still got my Disney "opening crew" mug somewhere in the house. I did have a t-shirt, but I've no idea where that ended up (the bin possibly?)

I probably won't be able to attend either event, due to previous commitments, but 20 years is a long time.

I haven't been back to EuroDisney since I left there in 1995. I'm not sure how I'd feel about seeing it now.

I'm still in touch with some people from both my secondary school and my time at Eurodisney, but I regret not keeping in touch with more of them.


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September 18, 2011

Buffer App Makes Scheduling Tweets Easy

There are a lot of services and tools that you can use with your Twitter account(s). Some of them are incredibly useful, some are fun and some are simply odd.

Buffer App isn't designed to solve all your social media needs, but what it is designed to do, it does well.

What does it do?

Scheduled tweets.

Nothing more, nothing less (though they are meant to be adding support for posts to Facebook pages .. )

Hook up your Twitter account and check your schedule:

You can tweet in realtime or schedule messages to be sent later according to the suggested schedule (which you can tweak):

The service comes in a number of flavours, with the basic account 100% free.

It's simple and it's useful, so it gets a "thumbs up" from me.

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September 11, 2011


A lot is being written today by people looking back on 9/11 10 years on.

The frontpage of Bing (if you switch to the US version) has this image

Seemingly the US version of Google also has something, but I can't see it from Ireland. (See this post for details)

I'm not going to add much to the discussion except to say that violence begets violence.

9/11 for people of my generation is probably one of the dates that we'll always remember.

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September 11, 2011

Provocative Advertising

Hunky Dorys are a brand of potato crisp. I guess there isn't much that you can say about potato crisps. You either like them or you don't. You might like one brand over another, but I don't normally associate crisps with scantily clad women.

That was until last year when Hunky Dorys ran an advertising campaign featuring scantily clad female rugby "players".

This year they've switched their focus to Gaelic football, but the imagery is very similar:

Hunky Dorys ad campaign 2011

I'm a guy. I like attractive women, so I'm not going to complain about the ad campaign. I could go on about it at an intellectual level, but I'm more curious to know if the ads have a negative impact on the brand. And according to an article in today's Sunday Business Post the advertising campaign didn't damage them at all. If anything it probably helped boost their sales.

So sex obviously sells.

I've always wondered about using provocative images in advertising. The problem, of course, is that you always run a risk of alienating part of your existing customer base, so it's something I've been careful to avoid. When we were doing a promotion on .me domain names last year, however, we did a few experiments.

This image would probably have upset some people, though the feedback we got on it (in general) was a lot more positive than I'd expected:

In the end we went with a slightly toned down version:

We even came up with a male image:

Some people might view this kind of marketing message as being "lazy" in some respects, but if it increases your sales, why wouldn't you use it?

Other companies in the domain / hosting space have used "cheeky" advertising for years and while there's always a backlash it still seems to work. Though, admittedly, I haven't seen any European companies doing anything on a large scale. Most advertising for internet services is pretty bland, which is a pity.

So would a provocative ad change your opinion of a brand?

Or do you even care?


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September 9, 2011


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September 9, 2011

XXX Sunrise Now Live

James did a nice little graphic (or two) to help promote the launch of .xxx domains

This one is pretty slick IMHO

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September 9, 2011


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September 8, 2011

Ubuntu In Paris

So on my way through Paris yesterday I had some Ubuntu.

Ubuntu Cola and a roll

Ubuntu Cola and a roll

(The photo explains it all :) )

Jokes aside, Ubuntu cola is very refreshing. We got a case or two of it for the office a couple of years ago as a semi-joke, but it was genuinely good.

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September 6, 2011

Help Me Rewrite My Bio

Ok this might seem like an odd request, but "odd" and me tend to follow each other around at the best of times ..

I'll be speaking at several events over the next few months and most event organisers ask for a "bio" - however I'm not exactly sure if the one I have is ideal..

So, working on the basis that you have a $clue who I am and what I do ..

Here's the current version - polite constructive input welcome via the comments:

Michele Neylon is the founder and managing director of the Irish based registrar and hosting provider Blacknight.
Neylon is an active member of the Internet industry, an award winning social media expert/evangelist and blogger. Neylon has spoken at numerous Internet Industry events covering a range of topics including policy, security, ICANN, Nominet, the IGF and Investment/First Tuesday.
A graduate of European Studies from the University of Limerick, Ireland, Neylon focuses primarily on European Internet issues and policy as well as serving on the Eurid registrar advisory board and the ENUM 353 policy advisory board. A film buff who speaks four languages, Neylon prides himself on being an early adopter of new technologies.

There's an "about" me page here as well and my LinkedIn profile is here



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