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Apple Fanboy Heaven?

Not sure where this image came from originally, but it is amusing.. Related Posts:Wifi Printing Brings A Bit Of SanityDigital Music via iTunes vs. Physical CDsWhich iPad Apps For My Mother?iCoffeeAlphabet For Geeks

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Is The UPC Decision A Victory?

Earlier today the Mr Justice Charleton’s decision in the case of EMI RECORDS (IRELAND) LIMITED, SONY MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT IRELAND LIMITED, UNIVERSAL MUSIC IRELAND LIMITED, WARNER MUSIC IRELAND LIMITED AND WEA INTERNATIONAL INCORPORATEDvs. UPC COMMUNICATIONS IRELAND LIMITED was made public. There has been a lot of media coverage about the decision, with many headlines hailing it […]

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The Irony Of Education

While this video is amusing, the irony of it shouldn’t be lost: (In case the video gets removed .. Lisa Simpson meets Zuckerberg who is a college drop out. He points to other college drop outs such as Bill Gates and Richard Branson. The only person who isn’t a college drop out is a cleaner..) […]

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Why Do Some Hotels Charge So Much For Internet Access?

I’m currently in the Intercontinental Hotel in Prague. Up until an hour ago I was staying in the Hotel Praha, also in Prague. Both hotels are 5 star. But while the Hotel Praha offers free internet access throughout the building via wifi and good speeds via ethernet in your bedroom, the Intercontinental is charging me […]

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Prague – Tourism Is Alive And Well

I’m currently spending a couple of days in Prague between “gigs”. DomainFest Europe is on here in a couple of days, so I’m exploring the city and trying to “chill out” before it begins. I’m on a semi-holiday (so far that hasn’t worked out too well… but I’m not complaining). Yesterday I got the hotel […]

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