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Montenegro Rocks!

Image via Wikipedia A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to spend a couple of days in Montenegro. So how was it? The simplest and clearest answer is Montenegro rocks! Over the last couple of years I’ve been travelling quite a bit – more than previously. I’ve been to several European countries, the […]

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links for 2010-06-15

10 Days in a Carry-On – Slide Show – How to pack 10 days' worth of clothes into a single bag – not sure I can manage it, but it's still a cool idea! (tags: travel luggage advice packing) Blink, a state of the art, easy to use SIP client (tags: voip sip mac […]

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BizSugar Email Failure

One of my pet hates is technical ineptitude. If you are going to run an online service then you need to get some of the technical basics right. I’m not talking about rewiring the internet, writing new protocols or doing anything new. I’m talking about setting things up in a sane and technically correct manner. […]

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Off to Montenegro!

Image via Wikipedia I’m heading off to Montenegro for a couple of days as a guest of the super nice people from the .me registry. I’ve never been to Montenegro, but the photos I’ve seen are very picturesque. So as long as the weather is pleasant I suspect I’ll have a good time! I’ll be […]

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links for 2010-06-12

Dropoff File Transfer open source PHP solution for securely transferring files (tags: opensource files transfer email security) What else is there?: New book on the Regulation of Domain Names (tags: domains udrp) Related Posts:No Related Posts

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Latest Silly Marketing Idea

Our latest silly marketing idea is to help push .me domain names. Check it out here Related Posts:Blacknight Sale & Finally Semi-LiveA Very Practical Marketing GizmoSo Now We Have A DragonMore Domain OffersAnother Silly Domain Offer

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Airplane Passengers Are Sheep

People in planes and airports are like sheep. They also do things that make absolutely no sense to me whatsoever. Typical scenario goes like this .. Plane lands in airport and taxis to wherever it’s going to stop. It stops. The doors do not open immediately, as they have to wait for the groundcrew to […]

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links for 2010-06-08 – iPhone Application Web Based Simulator (tags: iphone simulator mobile tools webdesign development test testing) Ignoring It Won't Make It Go Away – Anil Dash Fantastic article by Anil Dash on government + technology (tags: government technology) Related Posts:No Related Posts

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