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August 25, 2009

Apple OSX Snow Leopard

Uncia uncia.

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Apple's new version of OSX, Snow Leopard, will be released at the end of the month in the US. According to Amazon UK they're releasing it on September 4th, while the Irish Apple Store says it will ship by August 28th.

I'll probably order a copy in the next couple of days ...

From what I've seen the most important change is in relation to Mail, as the support for Microsoft Exchange is a lot tighter. Whether or not it will be able to deal with my rather unwieldy mailbox or not is another matter, but we live in hope! I was running some tests using a developer release in the last few weeks, but the hardware I was using was pretty terrible, so I don't think any results I got were anywhere close to realistic. (The laptop in question is so knackered that you have to leave it plugged in permanently!)

In any case you'll probably see the entire technology media (both online and offline) gushing about Snow Leopard in the coming weeks. There'll be plenty of positive reviews, of that you can be sure. You'll also find plenty of really negative reviews.

However, one thing people won't be able to pick on too much is the price. At EUR 29 for the box it works out quite a lot cheaper than Microsoft's flagship product. Of course it's more "expensive" than an Open Source OS like Ubuntu...

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August 23, 2009

Yet Another Domain Promo – IE Domains For a Fiver!

Just posted this over on the company blog.

We're doing a special on IE domains (registrations and transfers) at a mere 5 euro.

Full details here

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August 18, 2009

Which Mac OSX Antivirus?

While Macs are a lot less likely to get targetted by viruses there are still some viruses "in the wild" that target them.

So which antivirus software should I be using?

Which is the best?

Which is the worst?

Why is one better (or worse) than another?

I'm not concerned about costs, but I am concerned about functionality etc., ie. I don't want some RAM hogging pile of junk that leaves my desktop completely unresponsive

Any / all suggestions welcome !

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August 15, 2009

SIP Clients For Iphone?

At the moment I'm using an iPhone primarily, though I also have a couple of other handsets floating around the house and office (thanks for nothing Three!)

We recently upgraded the connection into the office, so we're switching over to an Asterisk powered PBX on Monday. I don't know much about Asterisk, VOIP, SIP or any of that stuff, but what I do know is that I can login to the PBX from any location using a SIP client.

On the Mac there are a number of softphone solutions which offer a range of features. What really impressed me was that they can do things like poll my existing contacts on the Mac seamlessly (OK - I am easily impressed at times!).

But what about the iPhone?

Most of the software I've come across is web based services with SIP features.

While they may work they're not exactly ideal. As I've no interest in using the other services that they offer logging into a web service before making a SIP call seems a bit dumb, as I have both 3G and WIFI on the iPhone.

In the tests I was trying last night with Nimbuzz using the WIFI in the house to get a connection worked reasonably well, but failed miserably when I tried to use 3G only (ie. disabling the WIFI connection). Nimbuzz also failed to call most numbers in my phonebook if I included the full STD codes - even though it automatically fills in the "+" when you dial manually.

So can anyone recommend or suggest a SIP client for the iPhone that only does SIP?

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August 13, 2009

Google’s Answer To Privacy

The following video is absolutely hilarious.

However, there is, unfortunately, an underlying issue, which the video manages to highlight.
Nice to see parody is still alive and well in 2009!

Google Opt Out Feature Lets Users Protect Privacy By Moving To Remote Village

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August 11, 2009

Who Said Summers Were Quiet?

July / August are odd months ..

While for many they are associated with holiday and relaxation, for me they're the ramp up to the autumn season, so they're actually busier than other times of the year in many respects.

Over the last few weeks and those to come I've been working on a number of projects that will hopefully bear fruit in the next few weeks and months ..

One that has finally "gone live" is a new blog - New TLD Guide, which has been setup to help people come to grips with the new domain extensions... Hopefully people will engage with us and we'll all be able to learn something new.

I've also been working on more screencasts for the Blacknight video channel, but have been having massive issues with audio - it's probably something simple, but I haven't found a solution as yet ...

And then there's the biggest distraction of them all - my new Xbox 360 (thanks Microsoft!). I've become quite addicted to Call of Duty 4 ! (more on that at a later stage..)

I've also become quite addicted to Lee Child - I picked up one novel when I was down in Cork recently and have become totally hooked!

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