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Exchange ActiveSync Rocks!

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When I got my Nokia E71 back before Christmas I immediately fell in love with the device.
One of the options that we setup was MFE (Mail for Exchange) which was pretty functional, although a bit limited.

However while we were working on our Hosted Exchange service launch Paul came across a really nice bit of software that takes the E71 and Microsoft Exchange 2007 to a whole new level.

The software - RoadSync - is really cool and makes full use of ActiveSync on Exchange server 2007. Basically it means that you can get "email push" without having to spend a fortune on expensive addons for your Exchange server.

Configuring RoadSync is pretty easy. You just enter your login details on the device you're using and off you go.

If you're connecting into an Exchange Server 2007 setup, like we are, then you can turn the synchronisation to use ActiveSync, which means that you'll get your email on your phone almost instantly.

The other features that give RoadSync that extra "edge" are its support for HTML emails (MFE simply can't handle them) and sub-folder support. Since I get so much email every day I have a rather complex set of rules to filter emails off to different folders depending on subject lines, senders and addressees. MFE simply cannot deal with the subfolders, whereas RoadSync does a reasonable job of it.

All in all moving my business email onto my phone has made things a lot easier. I don't feel as "tied" to my desktop / laptop as before and can receive emails easily while on the move. While admittedly a lot of this would have been possible on my N95 the full keyboard on the E71 takes "possible" to "comfortable", which in my mind is a pretty important difference.

The only problem with any of the mobile email software seems to be an inability to handle multiple Exchange accounts, which is understandable. Unfortunately it means that I can't move my personal email onto our Hosted Exchange cluster, which I wouldn't mind doing ...

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One Response to “Exchange ActiveSync Rocks!”

  1. From Jimmy:

    Hi Michele
    “Push” email has been freely available in SBS 2003. Once you setup exchange, and setup the Outlook Web Access area, there is the option to create the “Outlook Mobile Access”
    Once this is working, setting up Mail For Exchange on the nokia’s is pretty handy.
    Just an FYI, it makes life easier if you remove the requirement for HTTPS communication from the Exchange server, you then dont have to import the certificate into the Nokia which has caused some bother for some people (different cert formats between Exchange and the Nokia)

    Posted on February 26, 2009 at 3:46 pm #

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