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I have an annoying habit of grabbing domain names on whim and then promptly forgetting why I bought them. was one of those domain names that I grabbed  a few months ago, as I knew instinctively that I would find a good use for it, I just wasn’t 100% sure what… Months later I […]

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Princess Diana Anniversary

Image via Wikipedia It’s amazing how quickly time flies. 11 years ago today Princess Diana died in the tunnel in Paris. I was living in Madrid at the time and remember following the story on TVE as the day progressed. While I remember her marriage to Prince Charles quite clearly, even though I was very […]

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Google Rapid Inclusion Tool?

Image via Wikipedia Getting your site listed in Google is one thing, getting traffic to your site is another. What’s the difference? Well basically Google pretty much lists every single webpage on the planet, so getting listed or included isn’t really that big a deal. What you really want is people to go to your […]

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IIA Afraid To Follow?

Image via Wikipedia It really irks me to see organisations like the IIA (the Irish Internet Association) knowingly setting all links in comments on its blog to be “nofollow. The “nofollow” attribute sucks. Sure, there are *some* circumstances where it can be useful eg. linking to a competitor for example, but if you moderate comments […]

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Podcamp Ireland 2008

Although last year’s trip to PodCamp in Kilkenny was a little more eventful than I would have liked, I’ve put myself down for it again this year. Events like PodCamp are a great way to “put faces to names” or simply catch up with a bunch of people who you normally wouldn’t be able to […]

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Jaiku Back Online

After an extended period of downtime, while it was moved onto the Google infrastructure, Jaiku is back online. Ciaran was following the migration’s progress over on Jaiku Invites. They seem to have opened up the invitations, presumably because they’re on a much bigger platform than before and can manage the load, but whether the service […]

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Apple iPhone Ad Banned in UK

Apple’s marketing team have always like to upsell the virtues of their products, which is only to be expected. What may have come as a surprise to them was when one of their adverts was banned by the UK advertising watchdog for making misleading claims. Full story on the Guardian site Related Posts:Apple Christmas AdClint […]

Continue Reading 0 – Offline Temporarily is currently offline, as it has developed a rather annoying bug ie. the main page won’t load and just gives me an unhelpful MySQL error. Hopefully I’ll be able to get it up and running again soon, but I thought it best to take it offline for the moment… Please don’t ask me when […]

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Tag Heuer Watch At Last

I took delivery of my Tag Heuer watch earlier today. Here’s a photo: Related Posts:Frustrations of Buying A Watch On EbaySaving Money On Quality Kitchenware Via eBayThe Far Side Christmas CardsRediscovering My IRiverMarketing Gone Wrong – The Titanic

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Feedburner – No More Support?

Image via CrunchBase, source unknown After posting about my issues with Adsense < > Feedburner issues I finally found the Google group for Feedburner. While the old Feedburner forums used to be active and Feedburner staff used to regularly post replies to people’s queries the opposite seems to be the case now. While there are […]

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