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Dell Marketing – Inventing Domain Names!

Image via Wikipedia I always applaud inventive and innovative marketing techniques. I think they’re great. But when the marketing department of a multinational starts inventing domain names you have to wonder what they’re at! Chris from Sensorpro spotted a Dell advert publicising I suspect someone got Ireland and the UK confused, as we don’t […]

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More Irish Online Idiocy – Enterprise Ireland Fund Template Monster Clone?

Image by Irish Typepad via Flickr I’m always amazed at the silly / insane / nonsensical junk that comes out of some companies and organisations. Enterprise Ireland seem to be funding a Template Monster clone, which is linked into Digiweb. Why should tax payers be paying for another Eoin Costello project? If it’s commercially viable […]

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Bloggers Taking Themselves Too Seriously

Xkcd’s latest cartoon pretty much sums up how I feel about a lot of this social media rubbish that you keep reading about. Although the prize for most offensively described event has to go to IT@Cork with their idiotic description of an event to “increase an organisation’s IQ”! Talk about marketing speak gone insane! Related […]

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Door Wedges Can Be Fun

There’s no reason why ordinary household objects can’t be a bit of fun. I’ve got several boring door wedges that I use when I need to give the house a bit of an airing (like today!), but I’d be tempted to get a couple of these for a laugh: More info here Related Posts:Google’s Answer […]

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