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May 31, 2008

Blu Ray Players Below 250 euro – Pre-order Iron Man

Blu-ray Disc

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As most people have probably gathered at this stage I'm ever so slightly passionate about films and home cinema.

Over the last while I've been enjoying the glorious high definition of blu ray and HD DVD, however since the cinema studios like the idea of maintaining their monopolies a lot of blu ray releases are region encoded. Since my current blu ray player is a US import that limits me a bit.

There is, however, light at the end of the tunnel.

Since HD DVD is now more or less defunct (you can still pick up plenty of titles at bargain prices) the hardware manufacturers have started focusing on blu ray. While the players are still a lot more expensive than DVD players, you can now find a couple of options below 250 euro. What this means is that a standalone blu ray player is now cheaper than a PS3, which is a good thing (I really don't want a gaming console!)

Sigmatek's SBR 1000 weighs in at just over 230 euro, while Samsung's BD P1400 cost just over 240 euro. Neither model is particularly high end, but I am seriously considering picking up one of them, as I'd like to be able to take advantage of some of the EU vendors' disc offers.

On a sidenote I also spotted today that Amazon is listing Iron Man is being available for pre-order. What struck me as a bit odd was that they neglected to provide a release date!

EDIT: Home Cinema Choice has a review of the Samsung BD P1400

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May 29, 2008

House Hunting Saga Continues – Daft Introduces RSS

As readers may have gathered I've been looking into the entire buying a house experience over the last while.

My experiences to date have been mixed, but I am learning quite a bit in the process.

The guys behind have been extremely helpful and gave me access to a really nice feature before unleashing it on the public earlier today. You can now subscribe to property alerts via RSS!

It's a really nice feature, as I check bloglines a couple of times every day anyway. I can also easily mark items (in this case houses / properties) to check again later. Of course I could try to do that with the email alerts as well, but if you saw my inboxes you'd understand how impractical that might be!

Now if only finding an ideal house, mortgage and everything else were that easy!

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May 29, 2008

Dell Marketing – Inventing Domain Names!

Dell Logo

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I always applaud inventive and innovative marketing techniques. I think they're great.

But when the marketing department of a multinational starts inventing domain names you have to wonder what they're at!

Chris from Sensorpro spotted a Dell advert publicising I suspect someone got Ireland and the UK confused, as we don't have a extension!

In fact, if you try to get either you will see:

% Error - Two letter domain are not permitted by IEDR Registration Policies.
% Please read:

And here's the banner image (click to enlarge) :

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May 28, 2008

Register365 No Longer Irish

Hosting365 have announced that they've sold Register365, which is their shared hosting and domains business to Namesco a UK provider.

So now Ireland's largest provider is no longer Irish. According to the press release Hosting365 are going to focus on their managed services.

What does that mean for the Irish hosting market?

It could be interesting times ahead, as Novara was already swallowed up by Irish Telco Digiweb earlier this year.

Are there more acquistions and sales in the pipeline?

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May 27, 2008

Todaynic – The Spamming Registrar – Wants Me To Change My Post

Spam Reader

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I have little or no patience for spammers, as most people know.

Since I run several sites that deal with domains and the internet industry in general I seem to have been targetted by TodayNic's comment and forum spammers. Over the past year or so I've had to remove multiple spam comment attacks from several sites.

It's annoying. Very annoying.

However it's even more annoying when they have the gall to demand that I remove a post I made last year about their spam.

Considering they're still spamming from what I've seen in the last few weeks I can think of no good reason to remove any posts where I've referred to Todaynic's spam.

Someone claiming to be "Chris" from Todaynic left  a comment on another one of my blogs at around 3am this morning.

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May 26, 2008

More Irish Online Idiocy – Enterprise Ireland Fund Template Monster Clone?

Something is technically wrong

Image by Irish Typepad via Flickr

I'm always amazed at the silly / insane / nonsensical junk that comes out of some companies and organisations.

Enterprise Ireland seem to be funding a Template Monster clone, which is linked into Digiweb. Why should tax payers be paying for another Eoin Costello project? If it's commercially viable shouldn't it be able to stand on its own two feet? And does the world really need another template monster?
Why would anyone in their right mind pay that kind of money for a such a horrific "design" when so many free site building tools would do as good a job if not better?

Ammado are a very odd business. Judging by what people have been saying this morning it looks like they spammed quite a few bloggers this morning (Justin Mason, Donncha O Caoimh and Damien Mulley that I know of). I have an account with them, so while I thought the email looked dodgy I wasn't going to complain to them formally.

Twitter has been down more than up over the last few days. If anyone wants an invite to jaiku I have a few.. If you want to see what people are blathering about check out (love the name!) which pulls in the latest posts from both jaiku and twitter from an ever growing list of Irish based users.

UPDATE: Justin has blogged about Ammado and also points out that they're signed up to Habeas!

UPDATE 2: Someone from Ammado has posted an "apology" in the comments on Justin's blog. I'm beginning to see a pattern emerging here..

UPDATE 3 - Looks like quite a few people weren't that impressed with being "targetted" by Ammado: Alexia, Maman Poulet, Damien,

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May 26, 2008

Bloggers Taking Themselves Too Seriously

Xkcd's latest cartoon pretty much sums up how I feel about a lot of this social media rubbish that you keep reading about.

Although the prize for most offensively described event has to go to IT@Cork with their idiotic description of an event to "increase an organisation's IQ"!

Talk about marketing speak gone insane!


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May 25, 2008

Door Wedges Can Be Fun

There's no reason why ordinary household objects can't be a bit of fun.

I've got several boring door wedges that I use when I need to give the house a bit of an airing (like today!), but I'd be tempted to get a couple of these for a laugh:

cheese shaped door wedge

More info here

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May 23, 2008

Procrastination – A Short Film

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May 23, 2008

Mailing List Moderation Is Wrong

I've mentioned the rather stupid way in which Enterprise Ireland mismanage their ebusiness mailing list.

My previous comments were primarily aimed at the "anonymity", which I felt was problematic on a number of levels.

But what about the actual editing and twisting of people's words?

When I write an email, an article or a blog post I do so consciously. I may, from time to time, use words or phrases that may not be the most appropriate, but I am more than happy to accept any and all consequences for my actions.

Do I really need someone from Enterprise Ireland to tell me how to word my emails?

I honestly don't think so.

In reply to a thread on hosting I sent a reply where I clearly stated that I considered the previous reply to be "inane". I know what the word means and I don't hide my identity. If I'd wanted to say "misinformed" I'd have said as much. I didn't.

Do EI's list moderators live in fear of offending the poor ickle business people?

Thank God there are still mailing lists like OPEN where you can say what you want without having your words twisted around (or having to wait hours for someone to "approve" your reply)

Is it any surprise that people like Damien end up organising their own trips to the US instead of relying on EI?

UPDATE: It now seems that people are offended by "my" reply where I said someone was "misinformed". Considering I didn't even use the word in my email I find it amusing that the "moderator" has decided that the discussion should continue elsewhere. Idiots!

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