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August 31, 2007

Blacknight Sponsoring .net Awards

Just a quick shameless plug

You can nominate anyone you want under the various categories

And don't forget ... Nominations for the IIA Net Visionary Awards are still open

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August 30, 2007

Migration Howto

I posted a howto on migrating from WordPress to MovableType 4.

Hopefully it will be of use to some people.

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August 30, 2007

Do RackFloor Have Something To Hide???


Over the last few months there has been news about a new data centre opening in Limerick.

They're meant to be giving a brief talk at the next INEX meeting in Dublin...

So why on earth are they using "domain privacy" on their only domain name?

Nobody serious is going to do business with a company that doesn't list proper contact details in WHOIS. It would be silly to do so. Of course if they were serious about the Irish market you'd think they'd have registered the .ie domain...

Maybe they'll turn out to be a wonderful company, but they really need to get some of the basic right from the start.

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August 30, 2007

Abusing Abuse Contacts

I keep a very close eye on our abuse desk.

Most of the time it's fairly quiet. Sometimes there are legitimate abuse reports and sometimes there are reports that make no sense.
In some instances this is because the person submitting the report is clueless and thinks we are responsible for websites hosted in Sweden (or anywhere else really - Sweden just popped into my head!)
In other instances you need to decipher their mumbo-jumbo to work out what they are actually complaining about.
Two incidents in the past couple of weeks were in the "WTF?" category.

In one case someone reported suspected abuse to us. We replied and they then reported us to our own abuse desk.
I'll try that again slowly in case you didn't quite catch it.
They sent a report to our abuse@. We replied. They reported the reply back to abuse@
You've got to love the logic!
To make matters worse they then replied to our second reply suggesting that they would take legal action against us!!

The second case isn't as amusing, but should definitely fall into the "dumb spammer" category.

If you want to send spam check that your list does not include any abuse@ email addresses. I mean really. Why don't you just ring the ISPs and yell down the phone at them instead?

You've guessed it. Yet another "wonderful" newsletter was sent to the abuse desk.

You have to feel sorry for them really...

Has anyone published a "Spamming for Dummies" guide yet? It would be an instant bestseller!

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August 29, 2007

Polish Law And Bloggers

Krystian is back in Poland at the moment so I can imagine he's had a chance to catch up on all the latest changes over there.

His most recent blog post, however, is really quite worrying.

According to Krystian's article any site, including blogs, that is hosted in Poland must be considered a publication and register formally.

I had to reread that a couple of times to get the full meaning.

Under Irish law you can be held responsible for what you write and publish, but nobody is going to demand that you formally register.

I can see it now, Twenty Major being granted a rating by the censor's office...

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August 29, 2007

Irish Mac Users Can’t Have Fun?

Why on earth doesn't the Apple shop for Ireland list any of the EA games titles?

If I go to the Irish site I can buy plenty of "productivity" software, but the choice of games is pathetic, whereas my American friends are all probably off playing BF 2142 already.

Is there any reasonable explanation for this or is Apple's marketing team simply dumb?

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August 29, 2007

TodayNic Still Spamming

Comment spam is really annoying. It's one of the reasons we all end up resorting to captcha etc., to block junk.

Todaynic, who I mentioned previously, are still at it.

It's a pity that the RAA doesn't cover spam ...

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August 29, 2007

Pet Hates – “Clever” Bloggers

Just on my way to bed ...

Don't ask!

I've recently started reading feeds again (I had cut back quite a bit) and I've started reading some of the more "hip" ones.

One thing I've noticed is that only a tiny portion of bloggers have any original content. Most of them are rehashing other people's content WITHOUT citing the source.

I don't have time to read every single "in" blog / news site / news source / cool site on the planet, so I like hearing about things from the sources I do read - don't get me wrong! How hard would it be for people to simply say "I spotted this over on ... "?

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August 28, 2007

Amazon Pre-Orders Rock!

I pre-ordered Kathy Reichs' new novel months ago.

I got an email a short time ago politely informing me that not only was it shipping, but that my pre-order had saved me money!

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August 28, 2007

Golden Spiders – Creepy Crawly or Warm and Fuzzy?

I've mentioned the Golden Spiders on here several times in the past.

Last year I actually got to attend the night and it was thoroughly enjoyable.

However it's not about the night itself. It's the actual awards themselves that concern me.

Other awards, such as the Net Visionaries, are open to the public in all regards, though there are no actual judges involved. A comparison could be easily drawn to the dot net magazine awards, which allow anyone to nominate anyone else but has a panel of judges (including several names that look familiar). (Disclosure: We're sponsors)

As I mentioned several times in the past, both here and elsewhere, the nomination fee will dissuade many excellent sites from being nominated. When I raised this with the organisers their glib response was to dimiss the €100 - €150 nomination fee as being required for administrative charges / costs and that any "real" business would be able to afford it. Having started my own business from nothing I can assure you dear reader that every euro matters and tossing away €100 on a nomination for an award is not something I'd have done. Even now, with over a dozen full time staff etc., etc. I'd still take issue with paying that kind of fee.

According to the image only email (yes - no links or HTML - they actually send an image in an email!) they were sending around the other day the "new" site will be launching soon. Damien picked up on their inclusion of a couple of new categories, but RedCardinal, myself and others have been left in the dark ... See this thread for more

Wouldn't it be great if this year's awards took into consideration:

  • design
  • web standards
  • accessibility

and other metrics that show considerable commitment to the online business world?

I for one won't be holding my breath...

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