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Blacknight Sponsoring .net Awards

Just a quick shameless plug You can nominate anyone you want under the various categories And don’t forget … Nominations for the IIA Net Visionary Awards are still open Related Posts:#LoveSMEs Enter The SME Awards!Blog Awards ShortlistNet Visionary 2007 – voting now openLast Call For NetVisionary NominationsHeadRambles Takes A Swipe

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Migration Howto

I posted a howto on migrating from WordPress to MovableType 4. Hopefully it will be of use to some people. Related Posts:Site Revamp (Sort Of)156935 linesPost-migration Sanity Check – Report any oddities pleaseCaptain Obvious Says Blogging Regularly Gets TrafficFixing Permalinks With Mod_Rewrite

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Abusing Abuse Contacts

I keep a very close eye on our abuse desk. Most of the time it’s fairly quiet. Sometimes there are legitimate abuse reports and sometimes there are reports that make no sense. In some instances this is because the person submitting the report is clueless and thinks we are responsible for websites hosted in Sweden […]

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Polish Law And Bloggers

Krystian is back in Poland at the moment so I can imagine he’s had a chance to catch up on all the latest changes over there. His most recent blog post, however, is really quite worrying. According to Krystian’s article any site, including blogs, that is hosted in Poland must be considered a publication and […]

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Irish Mac Users Can’t Have Fun?

Why on earth doesn’t the Apple shop for Ireland list any of the EA games titles? If I go to the Irish site I can buy plenty of “productivity” software, but the choice of games is pathetic, whereas my American friends are all probably off playing BF 2142 already. Is there any reasonable explanation for […]

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TodayNic Still Spamming

Comment spam is really annoying. It’s one of the reasons we all end up resorting to captcha etc., to block junk. Todaynic, who I mentioned previously, are still at it. It’s a pity that the RAA doesn’t cover spam … Related Posts:Todaynic – The Spamming Registrar – Wants Me To Change My PostWoohoo! Blacknight ICANN […]

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Amazon Pre-Orders Rock!

I pre-ordered Kathy Reichs’ new novel months ago. I got an email a short time ago politely informing me that not only was it shipping, but that my pre-order had saved me money! Related Posts:More Online vs Offline Pricing CrazinessAmazon Italia Now Live!More Dead Trees Courtesy of GrandadAmazon Advertising Services It Won’t Sell MeOn Reading

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