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WordPress 2.0.1

Matt has announced the release of WordPress 2.0.1 ie. the first point release of the 2.* series of my favourite blogging tool. According to the announcement all the major issues have been resolved and 114 bugs have been fixed. Not bad in 30 days! Some of the highlights: You can now specify an upload directory, […]

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Easy Ubuntu

I mentioned a handy little tool I came across for installing a variety of useful apps on my ubuntu laptop recently. Paul O’Malley has pointed me in the direction of an alternative called (strangely enough) Easy Ubuntu It doesn’t offer as wide a selection of applications, but it probably does more than enough for most […]

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Adsense For Blogs

A few months ago I mentioned the adsense “heat map”, which is a handy graphic representation of the best performing “zones” of a website in terms or clicks. The official adsense blog carries some tips on maximising your blog’s revenue potential through applying some basic techniques: Choose the right ad formats Place ads where your […]

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While visiting friends in Palermo I was handed a tape by Palermo group Agricantus. I’d never heard of them nor had I ever heard any of their music. I fell in love with the rich sound immediately. When I got back to Milan I scoured the record shops for CDs and was able to pick […]

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Bad Language

Anyone who knows me well is probably aware that I have a strong dislike for badly written English and have little or no time for grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. If you are selling a product or service then you need to convince people that you are a professional and take pride in the presentation […]

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Swiss Registry to Drop Pricing

The Swiss domain registry has announced that it will be dropping its pricing on new registrations from March 1 2006: SWITCH, the registry for domain names ending and .li, is discontinuing the registration fee of CHF 40 as of 1 March 2006. The annual fee of CHF 35 will remain unchanged. This price reduction […]

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Theme Reverted

I’ve read all the comments posted about my choice of theme and I’ve been left in a bit of a quandry. It’s obvious that the theme I chose wasn’t really “working” for a lot of readers and I wasn’t overly happy with some of the features either, so I’ve decided to revert to the previous […]

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