Bank of Ireland targetted by phishing scam

Bank of Ireland's online banking service, 365 online, has been targetted in one of the latest rounds of phishing attacks.
Compared to other attacks, such as the paypal one I mentioned recently, this one is quite rudimentary, but could be effective against some people.
The initial email uses the BOI logo and phone number and calls upon users to login immediately as there has been "a security breach":
Bank of Ireland phishing email
The email links to what looks vaguely like the real BOI site:
Signin Bank of Ireland phishing
Where users are asked to provide their PIN etc.
Of course the address bar gives it away:
Phishing URL
While another page they put up is full of grammatical errors and cultural faux pas:
Bank of Ireland phishing spoof signup page
Note the incorrect plural of the nouns and the request for a Zip code.
The site being used by the scammers is hosted by an Italian ISP.


BOI have made an announcement about this phishing attack and the Italian site has been taken offline.
I got a rather amusing email from their IT department telling me what I already knew. I might post it later.

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