New Year 2016 Las Vegas Fireworks

I saw in the New Year this year in Las Vegas with a couple of Polish friends, which was a hell of a lot better than how I spent the previous New Year’s Eve! We all arrived in Vegas a few days early for CES, so it worked out very well. New Year’s Eve in […]

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OSX on a Macbook air

OSX Essential Apps 2015 – 2016 Edition

I recently had to setup a new Macbook from scratch, so it got me thinking about which apps are “essential”. While a Mac is “usable” straight out of the box, you’ll find yourself installing extra software pretty quickly Obviously what you consider essential is going to vary a lot on how you work with your […]

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Amazon Advertising Services It Won’t Sell Me

I’m not sure if I should¬†report this to the Advertising Standards Authority or not, but it’s annoying me enough that I am seriously tempted .. Amazon recently launched a new TV series that has been getting very positive reviews “The Man in the High Castle”. At the moment the only way to view it legally […]

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Bond Car Overload

Last weekend I was in London. On Friday night I went to see Spectre at the BFI IMAX. It’s the biggest screen in the UK and apparently the biggest in Europe as well. Seeing Spectre on a massive screen with good quality audio was definitely an experience that I’ll remember. If you get a chance […]

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ProdiJIG The Revolution

This looks like it’ll be very cool. Nicely produced “trailer” video for the production as well. So where on earth is ProdiJIG’s official website? I could find their Facebook and Twitter accounts, but if they’ve got an official website I can’t find it The show will be on at Cork’s Opera House in July. Details […]

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Historic Planes In The Flesh

I was recently in DC for a mixture of business and pleasure. Washington DC is home to the Smithsonian, which is more than just a “museum”. It’s multiple large museums, each with an impressive collection. I had visited the museums in DC proper on previous visits and loved them, but I’d never had the chance […]

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Wording Matters

I am very picky about words and how people use them. Anyone who knows me can probably confirm this. I get rather annoyed when people send me badly worded letters or emails and I take offence when companies I’m paying are overly aggressive with me Today I got an email from Web Summit which I’m […]

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