April 16, 2014

What A Difference A Small Tweak Can Make

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!If you’re a coffee drinker you know the difference between a good coffee and a bad one. But what makes the difference? Is it something big or something quite small and insignificant? Yes, it’s the small detail that can make [...]

April 10, 2014


Unless you’ve been hiding offline for the last few days you’re probably aware of the Heartbleed vulnerability with OpenSSL.. XKCD of course has a slightly different take     Related Posts:If Social Media Updates Had ContextOnline Reviews And ShoppingNasty Hacks Hijack Your Site’s TrafficWireless And Web Based Security Systems?TimThumb Updated To Version 2

April 6, 2014

Singapore Hotel View

Singapore is a very modern city. It’s got plenty of the ultra-modern highrises that you often only find on the outskirts of European cities. On my recent trip to Singapore I was staying on the 39th floor with a pretty good view of the city’s skyline: Related Posts:.brussels NewTLDs.co chopsticksICANN 46 Gala BeijingLife On A [...]

March 19, 2014


I have several friends who work in law enforcement, in particular dealing with crimes against children One of them shared this video a couple of days ago, which is an Australian TV documentary. The video runs to about 45 minutes but it is well worth watching, though it is also very very disturbing: Related Posts:Is [...]

March 11, 2014

Swedish Cuisine

Last night I was taken out for dinner by the guys in NetNod. They took us all to a very nice Swedish restaurant down by the water in Stockholm. The menu, below, is in Swedish, so I had to get one of the local hosts to translate it for me. The food was exquisite and [...]

March 9, 2014

I Love Serbian Pricing

I’m in Belgrade, Serbia, for about 24 hours as I’m speaking at an event here tomorrow. Across the street from the hotel there’s a Costa Coffee so I headed over there to grab a bite to eat and a coffee. I’m always fascinated by the difference in pricing between various countries and how much value [...]

March 8, 2014

Hilton Honors (sic) Finally Send Me A Physical Card

I’ve been staying at Hilton hotels around the world for the last few years. One of the reasons why I use Hilton more than any other hotel group is because their Hilton Honors (sic) program is pretty good. You earn points with every stay and you can cash those in for free hotel nights, but [...]

March 5, 2014

Marketing Done Right – Hats Off To Radix Registry

Knowing your market, choosing who you should invest your marketing dollars (or Euros) in targetting makes sense. In the case of Radix Registry I have to admit that I am impressed. Last week I was in New Orleans for Parallels Summit, which is all about hosting, hosting automation and related services. (Yeah, it’s kind of [...]

February 22, 2014

Mayan style hot chocolate

I’ll freely admit that I’m a big fan of good quality chocolate. I love it. I shouldn’t eat too much of it, of course, as it’s hardly conducive to weight loss.. While I was in Antigua Guatemala this week I went to the Choco Museo, which is close to the centre of the town. They [...]

February 11, 2014

The Ultimate Grumpy Cat Mug

Apart from being fantastic at doing PR stuff for us, Kelly is also a good friend and gave me an amazing present. Officially this was a Christmas present, but since it arrived around the time of my birthday I’ll consider it  a birthday one instead Related Posts:What A Difference A Small Tweak Can MakeI Love [...]